‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Premiere: Bow Wow’s Return To ATL Stirs Up Major Drama

It's going down in the ATL! On the premiere of 'Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta', Bow Wow made a splash when he returned home, a place he once left to escape the dangerous drama. However, the real drama unfolded when his enemies showed up to his mixtape party... with guns.

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta
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The first season of GUHHATL had us on the edge of our seat on May 25. We were introduced to the young cast, who all happen to be connected through family, friendships or work.

The premiere was mainly centered around Bow Wow, aka Shad Moss. He’s the only one out of the entire cast that fled the ATL. He left his hip hop home to escape the messy situations it causes; negative people, drama and dangerous situations. However, now, he’s back. Bow returns to his roots to appear at a party for his mixtape with Soulja Boy.

But, his short stay in the ATL turns into long lectures and conversations with his father-figure and mentor, Jermaine Dupri and his sister-figure and other mentor, Da Brat.

During his visit, Bow goes through the ringer. He tells JD and Brat that he wants to create another album since he hasn’t put out anything since he had his daughter, Shai. He basically wants to create an album of confessions. Although JD and Brat want to work with him, they are hesitant because he lives in LA. So, they gave Bow an ultimatum — Stay in the ATL and make a hit record, or we don’t work with you. But, it was all in love.

Bow’s weariness about returning to the ATL full time is also due to his life back in LA. He’s admittedly not a relationship person. Nonetheless, he’s trying to work things out with his ex, and baby mama, Joie. But, his partying and player ways quickly take over when he touches down in the ATL.

The whole episode leads up to Bow’s mixtape party, where the entire cast is obviously invited and their drama unfolds [which I’ll get to in a minute]. But, first, when Bow’s old friends/current enemies show up, things quickly turn bad. He immediately gets his security and makes sure they have their guns on them. WHAT?! Bow claims that his foes had guns of their own, so they need to be prepared. And, that’s when the episode ends! Talk about a cliffhanger. Damn, we can’t wait to see how this season unfolds.

The season 1 premiere also centers around best friends, Reginae Carter and Zonnique Pullins. Reginae — the daughter of Lil Wayne — and Zonnique — the stepdaughter of T.I. — both find themselves entangled in their family’s drama when Wayne and T.I. decide to carry on a fight on social media. Side note: This is a big deal because their families are very close.

Long story short, Wayne did an interview where he made some controversial comments about the Black Lives Matter Movement. And, his good friend T.I., who happens to feel very strongly about the BLMM, didn’t favor what Wayne had to say.

So, T.I. took to social media to bash him. When their daughters found out, although Reginae bit her tongue, they both agreed to stay out of it. But, when Reginae can’t contain the urge to protect her father, she unleashes on T.I. on social media. The episode also ends with Zonnique finding out about Regine’s comments. Yikes. The ATL is heating up fast.

HollywoodLifers, which part of the premiere had you on the edge of your seat?!

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