Melania Trump Refuses To Hold Hands With Donald Again — Watch Hilarious Video

'Not again,' thought Donald Trump as his wife turned down the offer to hold hands as they landed in Rome, Italy on May 23. Yes, Melania Trump just wants Donald to keep his hands to himself, and the whole awkward non-exchange was caught on film. See for yourself!

Melania Trump, 46, has done it again! She rejects Donald Trump‘s attempt to hold hands in this video, via Fox. As you can see, the couple emerges from the private plane and waves at the photographers, like usual. Then at the 0:08 mark, Donald, 70, tries to grab Melania’s hand, only to be totally shut down as she fixes her hair instead! Donald awkwardly moves his hand behind her, making it look as if he is grabbing her butt (which we sincerely hope is not the case, but you never know.) Watch it all go down in the video above!

The FLOTUS has now rejected Donald twice in as many days, because we can’t forget how she swatted his hand out of the way just yesterday in Israel. The moral of the story is…Donald, stop trying to hold hands with Melania in front of people! She’s not here for the PDA, and would like to abide by the following rule, as made famous by Arrested Development:

Twitter is already freaking out over this latest incident, as Twitter is wont to do. “Melania doesn’t want to hold your hand. Stop trying. You look desperate,” one person tweeted. “Lmfaooo Melania refusing to hold Trump’s hand is too funny to me,” another wrote. Of course, the whole thing was probably a mistake in coordination, but you have to admit it’s weird that it keeps happening!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Melania rejecting Donald once again? Tell us if this is the most glorious video you’ve seen this week.

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