Papoose & Remy Insisted ‘Cheating Isn’t Our Lifestyle’ Days Before Shocking Rumors

Papoose and Remy Ma are at the center of an alleged cheating scandal! However, the couple EXCLUSIVELY told a different story, just days before the rumors started! Papoose said, 'Adultery is for negative people,' unlike himself. So, what's going on? Get the scoop!

Remy Ma & Papoose
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Remy Ma, 36, and Papoose, 39, were more in love than ever when they taped a forthcoming episode of Wild N’ Out in NYC, April 17. “People look forward to seeing the negativity, the fighting and the adultery and all of that. But that’s not our lifestyle,” Papoose EXCLUSIVELY told, about their relationship. “When people loved seeing us on Love & Hip Hop, it showed me that the world was finally ready to see a real couple who genuinely loves each other.”

Remy couldn’t agree more when she said, “Sometimes we’re taught at young ages that this [her love with Papoose] doesn’t happen, relationships don’t work, men cheat, women cheat and that it’s not going to last… Our love is real,” she gushed to us. 

Papoose went on to explain that most men have the mentality, “‘B–ches ain’t sh-t [and] money over hoes.'” However, that’s not him. In fact, he has a motto that he lives by: “Each man has to take one woman [as he pointed to Remy] and rise her up above the rest; treat a woman how she deserves to be treated, because [you shouldn’t be] doing negative things and cheating with this female and that female.” Preach!

Remy and Papoose couldn’t stop gushing over each other when we sat down with them in NYC, before the cheating speculation started. However, just 16 days after their love fest, they were hit with rumors that Papoose has an alleged secret lovechild.

Rumors of Papoose’s alleged affair started on May 3. Celeb Vlogger, @unwinewithtashak [Tasha], claimed that a woman contacted her with the entire scoop and that she allegedly had proof. The woman — who remains nameless — is said to be the woman who Papoose allegedly conceived a child with.

Papoose & Remy Ma — PICS

Then, Tasha posted photos sent to her by the woman. The photos allegedly contained images of the woman and Papoose, as well as a photo of the 3-year-old little girl, who she claims is his daughter.

Tasha then claimed [in a preview clip above] that she plans to conduct a full video interview with this woman sometime this week. Nonetheless, she pointed out that there are holes in the woman’s story. “It’s going to make you out to be a liar if you don’t tell the whole story,” Tasha explained to the woman in the clip. WOW!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Papoose cheated on Remy?

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