‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Alex Karev Risks Going To Jail… Again

Oh boy. On the May 4 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy,' Alex broke the law, even though he knew he might end up back in jail. Plus, Stephanie made a decision that affected her career, and Meredith finally started moving on from Derek. Read our full recap below!

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Alex may have escaped felony charges earlier this season, but on the May 4 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, he broke the law again in order to save a dying child’s life. Did he do the right thing? Maybe, but Eliza was pissed. The young patient’s parents wouldn’t give their consent for a surgery that was needed just because of their religious beliefs, so when the boy returned to the hospital nearly blind, Alex and Stephanie took action. Obviously, they did so after Eliza told them not to do anything without the parents’ consent, but as you all know by now, Alex does whatever he wants. And somehow, he always gets away with it, but not Stephanie. She suffered the consequences.

During a heated discussion with the boy’s father, Stephanie threw her iPad towards him and just barely missed hitting his head. She apologized to Bailey, Eliza and Richard, but they still revoked her privileges and advised she seek counseling, following the unexpected death of her boyfriend.

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Ben’s career was also put under a microscope when Eliza noticed he has been playing it safe since nearly getting fired last year.

Elsewhere, Meredith planned on having Riggs sleepover until Maggie seemed weird about it. She changed her tune, however, when she and Amelia realized Meredith was finally trying to move on from Derek. (Earlier in the episode, Meredith tried giving away the tumor Derek drew on their bedroom wall.) But then Meredith saw her post-it note marriage license and took a step back by cancelling on her date with Riggs. So is that the end of Meredith and Riggs? Eh, not so fast. At the end of the episode, they were both leaving the hospital at the same time, and she grabbed his hand as they walked out. (That’s definite progress!)

Oh yeah, and Arizona finally had sex with Eliza. And Andrew tried telling Jo he’s in love with her, but she stopped him before he could even get the words out.

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