Ludacris Feels Sorry For Bill O’Reilly’s Ex-Wife & Children After Sex Scandal

Bill O'Reilly's making headlines of his own, as the FOX News star is in a world of trouble after allegations of sexual harassment. The cable news host has made tons of enemies in his tenure, including rapper Ludacris, who feels sorry that Bill's put his ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy and their two children through such heartbreak. Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details.

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Bill O’Reilly, 65, and Ludacris, 39, have a longstanding feud that dates back to the stone ages. If you’re not familiar, Bill dissed him multiple times on his FOX News show The O’Reilly Factor and even caused Luda to miss out on a serious payday with Pepsi in 2002! Luda came right back at Bill two years later when he released the Red Light District album. In his song “Number One Spot,” Luda straight up went for Bill’s you know what when the rapper raps about Bill’s settlement with Andrea Mackris who then accused him of sexual harassment. In the song, Luda viciously says: “Respected highly hi Mr. O’Reilly/Hope all is well kiss the plantiff and the wifey.”

So it comes as no surprise that Ludacris has something to say about the latest sexual harassment news that’s being reported. Apparently big Bill got financial help from the suits at FOX and allegedly covered up five sexual harassment lawsuits by paying the alleged victims $13-million.

“Bill’s so two-faced and Ludacris is glad that everyone finally sees it. He sits at his desk trashing Luda, Snoop Dogg and basically every rapper in the game, saying their lyrics are disrespectful to women when he’s allegedly sexually harassing them,” a source close to “The Potion” rapper tells “Luda’s ashamed of Bill but mostly feels bad for his ex Maureen [McPhilmy] and their children.

“Luda has a lot of respect for that beautiful woman, like major respect for her,” the source continues. “He applauds her for putting up with that monster of a man. Luda doesn’t know any woman who could hang in there as long as she did with Bill.”

O’Reilly, who’s always quick to give his opinion, called for the public to boycott Pepsi after the company featured the rapper in their ad campaigns in 2002. Bill basically said Ludacris’ lyrics were hurtful to women and that he shouldn’t be a role model. There’s also the rumors that Bill’s ex Maureen was a fan of both Ludacris and Flavor Flav. Well now, it looks like Luda might be having the last word.

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“What goes around comes around! Now Bill’s the one who’s losing advertising money,” the source continues. “Luda hasn’t forgotten how Bill’s comments about him took money of his table. Bill should just hang it up and stop embarrassing himself on national TV. Luda’s got a little sympathy for him though and would love to sit back and have a Pepsi with him when Fox pulls the plug on the old-timer.”

Word of the day kids, karma. And remember, the spin stops here!

HollywoodLifers, do you feel sorry for Bill O’Reilly’s family?

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