‘The Twins: Happily Ever After’ Recap: Emily & Haley Finally Find Jobs & Move Out

Finally! On the April 3 episode of 'The Twins Happily Ever After', Emily and Haley Ferguson finally found jobs and they're pretty 'magical!' But, it took them 6 attempts to actually get there and things got pretty sexual along the way... You have to check out our recap!

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Ok, so we’re on week three of Emily and Haley Ferguson‘s attempts to find a job before Jill kicks them out of their Las Vegas home. On the April 3 episode of The Twins: Happily Ever afterthe girls got themselves into some more trouble  and of course, it was hilarious. And, we think they dropped over 100 F-bombs the entire episode, each.

In one episode, Emily and Haley attempted to be dog trainers, clowns, dancer instructors, NASCAR drivers and magician’s assistants. Like, isn’t this getting exhausting by now? And, as you could have guessed, they failed at just about everything, kind of. Oh and they plowed over their mother’s mailbox with the car… but we’ll get to that a little later.

First up, it was time to clown around. But seriously, they attempted to be professional clowns. However, the only thing they were good at was painting their faces. Although they weren’t hired by the circus, they were successful in their attempt to scare Ben Higgins over FaceTime. In case you forgot, Ben revealed on season one of Happily Ever After that one of his worst fears were clowns. It was hilarious. LOL.

Trying to be professional NASCAR drivers was a complete fail. After Haley [who  is terrible at driving] knocked over their mother’s mailbox with the car, she wanted them to attend a driving school. But, in true Emily and Haley fashion, they went to the wrong driving school and ended up at a NASCAR training facility…

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Next up, they tried to be dance instructors. The girls actually made us a bit uncomfortable here. They attempted to teach a dance class, but ended up making the people in the class cringe with their sexual banter. Not to mention, they made them hump the air and act crazy. Needless to say, everyone bailed on the class and the only person left was one of Emily and Haley’s friends.

Last but not least, they tried to be magicians assistants. So, Emily ended up being the girl who got sawed in half and Haley just “stood there and looked pretty.” But, when they both successfully completed their jobs — Emily actually managing not to get killed and Haley, well, nothing — their Employment Specialist, Erica, actually told them they landed the jobs!

But, next week’s previews seem to insinuate that the girls don’t accept the jobs! The previews show them telling Jill they were moving to LA to try out to be Clippers dancers. So, what’s the deal?! We’ll just have to wait until next week to see what Emily and Haley’s futures holds!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Emily and Haley should take their new job offers?

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