‘L&HH: Atlanta’ Recap: Is Lil Scrappy & Bambi Benson’s Wedding Called Off?

Single and ready to mingle? 'L&HH: Atlanta' was full of surprises on the explosive March 27 episode! Yung Joc comes clean about a hook-up, newcomers are introduced and more. Also, will Lil Scrappy's actions halt wedding plans with Bambi?!

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Don’t hate the player, hate the game — or both! Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta never disappoints, and the March 27 episode titled “In With the New” put several relationships to the test. Picking up where we left off, Jessica Dime and newcomer Alexis Skyy are catching up when Tommie Lee arrives with Yung Joc. Oh no, she didn’t! Tommie is clearly not afraid of getting a little payback, since she proudly says during her confessional, “If Karlie can steal my man than I can steal hers. I’m an equal opportunity type of woman.” Karlie is going to flip her lid when she finds out!

Sierra, Moriah and Lovely Mimi are introduced, proving the dynamic will never be the same! Sierra is the CEO of the Glam Shop, and she confides in her assistant and marketing director Moriah about how she’s tired of working with Mimi. Moriah explains the benefits of keeping an outspoken personality with one million Instagram followers on staff, since it’s good for business. Sierra can’t stand how Mimi has no filter at all, so the beef between these two is far from over!

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Jasmine Washington is sticking to her story that Kirk Frost fathered her love child and cheated on his wife Rasheeda Buckner-Frost. Jasmine decides to invite Karlie Redd over to her apartment to prove she’s telling the truth. “I haven’t seen Kirk since the night I dropped our secret. That also means that he hasn’t seen his son,” Jasmine says. Karlie not only meets her son Kannon, but she also comes face to face with Keanna, who claims she hooked up with Kirk too. The ex-dancer explains that she met him in the club and he tried to swoop her off her feet!

Love & Hip Hop New York — See Pics

The end may be near for Scrappy and Bambi Benson. Momma Dee notices how their engagement is slowly crumbling, which is a shock after he sweetly proposed on last season’s finale. Scrap’s mom asks Bambi if they’re still planning to walk down the aisle, and Bambi reveals that she’s still “hoping for some growth” after four years together. Momma Dee shares that Scrappy said she has jealousy and trust issues, but Bambi stuck to her ground and slammed his claims. Bambi said he’s only trying to push blame on her since he won’t deal with his own issues!

“It can be easy. You just have to tell her about us,” Jasmine Burke says moments later, before nearly kissing Lil Scrappy. Just when fans were about to lose it, it’s revealed that he’s acting in a scene! She’s been his home girl since back in middle school and Scrappy says he’s taking this new venture seriously. When Jasmine asks if he’s getting cold feet when it comes to Bambi, he’s unsure. Scrappy misses his BFF and says he doesn’t know if they’ll walk down the aisle. “Me and Bam both have our issues,” he says, while sharing that he loves his fiancée. There’s still hope!

Elsewhere, Tommie meets up with Mimi and the ladies hit if off, before heading to the strip club with Jessica Dime, Moriah, and Treasure P., a radio personality, who used to dance in the club. Moriah and Treasure both brag about hooking up with MARRIED men, causing Tommie and Lovely Mimi to immediately get ticked. Mistress gang? Oh boy. The ladies end up throwing shade at each other, and Moriah even calls out Tommie for trying to get with Karlie’s man Joc. This heated feud goes on shortly before Joc’s big secret about Jasmine is finally revealed.

Afterwards, Joc meets up with Karlie and takes photos for her sex book. She confides in him about her meeting with Jasmine W. and tells him that the baby looks like Kirk and even has a dimple in his chin. The rapper starts to poke around on his own chin, before revealing that he hooked up with Jasmine around the same time Kirk did — but he was single. After that bombshell, it wouldn’t come as a huge surprise if he ends up being the father of Jasmine’s child!

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