Dating Dictionary: 10 Words To Know If You’re Trying To Find The One In 2017

Dating is a complex task to begin with. However, throw in the constant, ever-changing jargon that gets added to the dating vocabulary, and things can get tricky. From 'ghosted' to 'catch and release' we're here to break it all down for you, so dating can be a little less complicated...

Dating Dictionary Terms
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Shouldn’t dating be easy?… Dare we say the words. But seriously — “I like you, you like me, let’s date.” Right? Well, that never seems to be the case these days. Let’s be real, here; There’s so many factors that play into “relationships” anymore, and the terminology is one of them.

Dating has turned into one of the hardest tasks to endure, and it doesn’t help that there’s an entire vocabulary book that goes along with the process. SO, we’ve taken all the newest and latest dating slang terms that the kids are into these days… and defined them for you guys! Hopefully this will help you guys when it comes to scoping out that special someone this year.


This is when someone ends a relationship [whether it’s texting, talking, hooking up or dating] without any explanation or communication. This person abruptly cuts off all communication at once… cold turkey.


This may be a “new” term, but it’s definitely an act that’s been around for ages. However, it’s the perfect word to describe this. Bread-crumbing is when a person sends you flirtatious, but non-committal text messages  [aka, bread crumbs] — according to Urban Dictionary — without any intention of actually dating. This is sometimes similar to a “booty call,” which is just a friendly hookup with no feelings. The act of bread-crumbing is to lure a person in to give them enough attention to keep their hopes up that something may happen. However, it never will.

Catch and Release

This is exactly what it sounds like. Catch and release is when someone tries so hard to “catch” a significant other, but then once they have them, they “release” them. This act is favored by those who love the chase.


Benching — Similar to act of ghosting. But, this little ghost keeps coming back unexpectedly. This is when someone has a flirtatious relationship with you, but will sometimes not answer texts at all, never follows through with plans and doesn’t really have intentions of dating you, according to NY Mag‘s Jason Chen. It’s basically like they are “benching” you like a third-string basketball player, but they keep you around for their own needs and selfish reasons.

Slow Fade

The slow fade — similar to ghosting — is when you gradually back away from the relationship. This is when you slowly fade away from another person by cutting off responses, dates, etc.


To favor, support or endorse a romantic relationship.


This is an acronym meaning: “that hoe over there”. No one usually says the actual term, but it’s used to describe someone in a negative way.

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Shack Pack

This is a bag someone usually brings when they spend the night a man/woman’s place. It’s typically in reference to a one-night stand or frequent hookup.


This is a plain and simple acronym meaning: “define the relationship.”


This is an acronym meaning: “as f–k”. This can be used with anything… such as: “I’m single AF.”

HollywoodLifers, have any of the above happened to you?

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