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‘Supergirl’ Recap: The Music Meister Arrives & Love Falls Apart

Mon, March 20, 2017 9:32pm EDT by Add first Comment

There’s trouble in paradise for Kara and Mon-El and just when you think things can’t get worse, Kara gets hypnotized by the Music Meister.

Kara and Mon-El are watching Game of Thrones and eating ice cream like the baes they are. They hint at watching a musical (Ahem, The Flash musical crossover airs tomorrow, nice placement, CW). They then talk about their “cheesy” and “rom-com on steroids” happiness about being a couple. It’s cute as heck. Until the TV starts to speak to them, summoning Mon-El. No, really. That’s a thing that happens.

They go to the DEO to check it out and by “it” I mean the spaceship that was headed towards them in the last episode, couple with the TV creepiness, and Mon-El plays dumb. He says he’s never seen a ship like that before. He lies.

Supergirl flies to check out the ship and they send a missile right at her. They miss,, but then they shoot a bubble (?!) that she becomes enclosed in and almost makes her crash to the ground below. She manages to punch through it and heads back to the ship. Mon-El senses Kara was getting in hot water so he announces to the ship that he’ll surrender himself. Kara goes back to the DEO and is all like, “What?” Mon-El promises her he’ll be okay and he goes to teleport into the ship until Kara throws herself into his arms and goes with him.

They appear on the ship, where Kara notices that they’re being bowed to. They look on straight ahead and Mon-El emotionally greets his parents.

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Mon-El and his mother embrace and he tells them he thought they were dead. They, quite obviously, point out that they’re alive. Kara, who is a little slow on the uptake, starts putting two and two together that Mon-El is the prince of Daxam. She ain’t happy about his secret keeping. Like, at all.

Things are awkward at the royal family dinner, as expected. Mon-El’s mommy and daddy aren’t cool with the fact that he’s been freeing slaves and Kara goes toe to toe with them over their inhumane way of existing, thinking, and governing.

We get to see how Mon-El escaped Daxam– and it wasn’t heroically. He was ushered into a pod after leaving the girl he slept with in bed to her own devices, while the planet went up in flames around him.

Kara calls Mon-El a liar after leaving their dinner. Kara tells him that being the prince changes everything. Insinuates that being the prince of a cruel planet makes him cruel. And, honestly? She probably isn’t wrong. Except he’s changed since coming to Earth and that there did seem to be some dormant yet good qualities about him. Yes, even back then, as evidenced by the fact that he didn’t want the Kryptonian to be sacrificed for him to be able to escape Daxam.

Kara confesses to Alex that she can’t reconcile who Mon-El is, the prince son of slave owners and oppressors. Alex says that may be true, but maybe he’s now ashamed of his past and looking for a new start. Mon-El’s mom shows up to the DEO and she and Kara have a talk. Rhea tries to appeal to Kara. She wants her to get Mon-El to be the new face and leader of Daxam considering how ‘unforgiving” her people are. She tells Kara she thinks she’s better than Mon-El anyway, so why not let him go?

Kara meets with Mon-El and tells him she talked with his mother. He just wants to know what to do to make it better between them. She reminds him he lied, that ship has pretty much sailed. To top it off, she’s actually kind of encouraging him to talk to his parents and embrace his royal roots. It always comes back to the parents things with Kara, doesn’t it? Wynn has a heart to heart with Kara and says it’s up to her if she thinks the lie is forgiveable. Its about why he did it, and the intent behind it.

Kara goes back to her apartment and Mon-El is there. He confesses everything, who he is, was, his formerly devious self. But he also tells her…

He. Loves. Her.


That’s not all, folks.


In his declaration of love, he also tells her she makes him better, and she makes him want to be a hero, and that she’s special.


While that’s all very adorable and heartfelt (and it is), Kara is confident and self-assured enough to tell Mon-El that she knows she’s special. Hell yeah. And its that self-respect that has her telling him that she said she deserves better than being lied to. She needs to know whether he’ll ever be fully open with her and he doesn’t’ give her a definitive answer, so she tells him it’s over.

Mon-El goes to the ship and accuses his parents of interfering. They tell him to return to Daxam and he refuses. Calls them out on not ever caring about people before. Tells them he was ignorant and he’s done being the entitled, selfish person he was before. Says Kara makes him a better person, the person he wants to be. He says he wishes his parents no ill will but that they must leave the planet. He demands that they send him home.

Kara goes to the DEO and Mon-El is there as well, as they bring in a new prisoner– one who says he’s been looking for Kara. Hint: He’s the Music Meister, but we’ll call him “MM” for now. MM makes a freaky hypnotizing move with his eyes as he makes eye contact with Kara. Then, he opens up a dimension portal and not so subtly explains that he’s going after The Flash. Because, you know, there’s that musical crossover episode to get to. Which is why it isn’t so shocking that Kara passes out and wakes up, you guessed it, in a musical.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Kara and Mon-El will get back together?