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‘Quantico’ Recap: Shelby Gets A Blast From The Past — Sort Of

Mon, March 20, 2017 11:00pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

‘Quantico’ is back and ready to pack a punch. The March 20 episode picks up after Alex and the gang join a secret task force. Shelby is put in an uncomfortable situation, Alex and Ryan try to put their feelings aside, and a familiar face returns!

It’s been one month since the hostage crisis at the G20 summit, and Alex and Shelby are back in the thick of the action. The secret task force is still very much a thing, but Shelby’s not a fan of Nimah being a part of it all. Alex, Shelby, Nimah, Ryan are all asked to meet at The Farm, and Caleb’s there. Wait, it’s not Caleb. It’s his older brother, Clay (played by Hunter Parrish)!

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Despite Shelby’s relationship with Caleb, she’s never met Clay. Not surprisingly, considering what happened with Caleb and Clay’s dad, Clay pretty much hates Shelby. He even calls his mom Claire because he does NOT want to work with Shelby.

Claire preps the team on what they’re about to do. The drive that was stolen at the G20 summit contained important information about the United States, so it’s crucial that this team stops groups from using it. The classified information is called “The Cash,” and it’s four years worth of intelligence. “The Cash” was accessed just two days ago, and Claire wants the task force to look into a a plane crash to see if there’s any correlation. They’re not just looking into who took down but who benefits from it. Clay is in charge, so that makes things even more uncomfortable for Shelbs.

Leon calls Alex when she’s just getting started with the assignment. He’s acting paranoid and believes someone’s out to kill him and the rest of the gang. It’s been one month since the G20 situation, and everything appears to have settled. However, Ryan moved and Alex didn’t even know. After their talk, things really did change between them.

Shelby confronts Clay. She wants them to be nice and courteous to each other. He tells her that he told his mom that he would take this job only if Shelby wasn’t a part of it. His mom refused to listen to his demand after Shelby’s work at the G20 summit. He’s being forced to work with Shelby, and he’s not going to make it easy for her.

Blast From The Past

The team has to get to the bottom of the plane crash fast. They look at all angles, but they’re getting nowhere. Clay isn’t impressed with their work at all. He knows they need discipline and a push in the right direction, so he brings in OWEN, who is out of jail. Owen immediately gets the team on the right path. This assignment leads them to a party, so they all have to get dressed up. They’re looking for the collaborators and who’s lying.

Ryan is still clearly not over Alex. Those longing stares are breaking my heart. Alex thinks nothing’s changed, but Ryan knows everything has changed. Will these two ever find their way back to each other?

You know what else has changed? Alex and Owen’s relationship. Things are tense as hell between them. During the party, Owen tries to sabotage and make her do some of the grunt work. Later, Ryan calls him out on it.

Clay and Ryan are slowly forming a bromance, and I’m loving it. Clay teases him after Ryan starts to flirt with a reporter named Sasha. (Remember her.)

Clay’s keeping a close eye on Shelby. When she’s just about to blow her cover, Clay saves her. Whaaat? He can barely look her in the eye as they dance together. It appears the gentleman doth protest too much methinks. There’s a look in his eye that says he doesn’t hate Shelby as much as he wants to. Shelby reads into Clay and knows working with this task force isn’t for him. He’s all about shaping the law, not breaking it. He tries to deny what she says, but he knows it’s true.

Hello Again, Old Friend

While Alex is in the office of the investment firm they’re investigating, she runs into HARRY! These two are incredible together. They make such a great team. To make sure their covers don’t get blown, they start making out to distract security. EPIC.

The team finds out that the investment firm isn’t funding the AIC, just a Ponzi scheme. Alex nearly gets caught but Harry saves her just in the knick of time. Bless him. Later, Harry reveals that he got fired from MI6. Since the U.S. covered up what really went down at the G20 summit, Harry couldn’t get his job back, so he’s been working in private security.

Even though the team has uncovered illegal activity, Clay tells them that they can’t go after the investment firm. They can’t let the criminals know what they’re doing. Meanwhile, Owen says he’s done working with the task force and would rather go back to jail. Yeah, right.

Before Clay cuts the cord on the task force, Alex swoops in for the save and reveals the first collaborator. She found this guy with Harry’s help. Alex asks Keyes if Harry can join the team, but his answer is no. Owen has a change of heart about the task force and vows to make up for what Lydia did.

A Truce Is Called

Alex and Ryan try and make things less awkward for them both by having a little heart-to-heart. They agree to help each other carry the weight that’s between them. “I love you, Ryan,” Alex says. “I know.” Be still my heart!

Clay stops by Shelby’s place to talk. He knows he’s been too hard on her. Shelby understands she’s made a lot of mistakes, but she knows she’s a good FBI agent. These two reach a truce. There’s definitely chemistry between these two and I’m anxious to see where it goes, especially since Clay is engaged. (I’m a terrible person, but I’m already shipping them.)

The reporter Ryan met at the party figures out Ryan was lying about who he really was. Oh boy. This is not good. Alex and Dayana meet with Leon, and he tells them that someone is after them all. They don’t believe him. They just think he hasn’t dealt with what happened at the G20 summit. But Leon’s telling the truth. Someone is after them all. The episode ends with Leon being kidnapped and put in the trunk of a car!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s episode of Quantico? Let us know!