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‘Happily Ever After’ Recap: Emily & Haley Try ‘Adult-ing’ To Avoid Moving Out

Mon, March 20, 2017 10:09pm EDT by 1 Comment

LOL! Where do we even start with ‘The Twins: Happily Ever After’ premiere March 20?! Emily and Haley Ferguson’s mother, Jill told them it was time to move out and things got crazy. So, they had to do ‘adult’ things like cooking and cleaning. And, a ‘Bachelor’ couple made a surprise cameo..

Emily and Haley Ferguson, are definitely two of a kind. The Bachelor‘s most famous duo really brought the laughs for their new Freeform show, The Twins: Happily Ever After. In case you forgot, their show is actually the second season of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After. However, the two shows are nothing alike…

On Emily and Haley’s premiere, March 20, we got a first-hand look into the life of luxury and relaxation that the 24-year-old twins live. The show started off with the pair’s daily routine, which consisted of a whole lot of nothing. They wake up everyday — in their 15-year-old-looking-bedrooms — and get ready for a day of shopping, attempting to work out, and having their mother, Jill pick up after them — all while being their authentic, real and hilarious selves. So, yes, you could’ve guessed that their “twin” job status that they had on The Bachelor has remained the same since Ben Higgin‘s season wrapped. Oh, and that posted of Ben on their wall was a bit odd.

Jill is a single mom who basically admitted to babying her twin girls. However, when she decided to put her foot down after she got fed up with their laziness, it was time to lay down the law. After she informed them that they’re jobless and 4-time reality show veterans, Jill said it was time to move out.

The girls literally freaked out and tried “adult-ing” as they would say. That consisted of doing everyday, normal things like cooking a homemade meal, grocery shopping, cleaning and doing laundry; you know, easy stuff, or so we thought.

When their acts of adult-ing failed to convince their mother to let them live at home, they enlisted the help of the two greatest adults they knew, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell.

Haley & Emily Ferguson — Photos Of ‘The Bachelor’ Twins

The Bachelor couple made a vow to help the twins “grow up.” And, their first challenge? — To get through a fancy dinner that didn’t consist of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and frozen mac-n-cheese. While the twins made the dinner a comical experience, it was sort of an epic fail.

So, what better way to “adult” than bungee-jump off of a building, right? — Emily and Haley sure thought so. They ended the episode, attempting to do the brave act, and after a few tears, they came to the conclusion that if “adult-ing” meant jumping off of a building, then they didn’t want to grow up.

Honestly, the twins are pure comical entertainment, but we’re hoping that they can get it together and make momma Jill proud. In the scenes for the upcoming episodes, the girls try to figure out their background by taking DNA tests and they attempt to find jobs, such as professional mermaids and sushi models…

At some point they pack up and move to LA, so we can’t wait to see what trouble they get into in the City of Angels! Here’s to a new season of Happily Ever After. Until next week…

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