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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Hook Attempts To Come Clean To Emma

Sun, March 19, 2017 8:13pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

Hook is keeping a huge secret from Emma, one that could destroy their relationship. Hook tries to gather up the courage to tell Emma on the March 19 episode, but he ends up doing something else entirely. Captain Swan fans, start taking deep breaths now…

It’s time to take a trip back to the First Ogres War. Hello, Beowulf! Despite the odds, Beowulf inspires his men to fight, and he’s got that powerful sword Gideon wants to get his hands on. Beowulf and his fellow comrades fight the ogres, but it doesn’t end well. Beowulf is the only one left alive. He faces one last ogre, and he quickly starts to lose the fight. Thankfully, Rumple shows up and slays the ogre just in the knick of time with the dagger.

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Baelfire is so proud of Rumple for defeating the ogres. But Beowulf walks in to ruin the mood. Beowulf doesn’t think Rumple’s a hero at all. He’s the Dark One. Since the war is over, Baelfire tells Rumple that he doesn’t need the dagger and dark magic anymore. For his son, Rumple agrees to leave the dark magic behind.

Rumple gives up the dagger to Baelfire to help him steer clear of the dark magic. The father-son duo run into Beowulf, who manages to get his hands on the dagger. Beowulf killed innocent villagers and is planning to frame Rumple. He wants to be remembered as the hero who defeated the Dark One. You can leave now, Beowulf.

After Baelfire runs off, Beowulf goes after him. Rumple nearly kills Beowulf but stops himself. Unfortunately, Baelfire has now turned to darkness and commands Rumple to kill Beowulf. Rumple does, even though he wishes he didn’t have to. Baelfire is now convinced that he needs dark magic to protect himself. Rumple refuses to let his son follow him into the darkness, so he makes Baelfire drink memory potion. He lets Bae think the worst of him so he won’t go dark again.

Secrets Are No Fun

Back in Storybrooke, Hook is drowning his guilt in rum. What he did to David’s father is weighing on him now that he wants to ask Emma to marry him. “I actually want to tell Emma the truth,” he tells Archie. He’s just terrified that when he does, she’ll never look at him the same way.

Rumple and Belle go searching for Gideon. They’re determined to get their hands on the sword before Gideon does. If he does nab the sword, he’s going to kill Emma. Rumple pleads with Belle to trust him on this one. He’s been in Gideon’s shoes before. Rumple finds Gideon and ties him up. Rumple attempts to explain why embracing darkness never ends well. He knows about this first-hand. Dark magic will consume you, if you let it. Gideon doesn’t listen to Rumple. He’s convinced this is only way to save his people.

Rumple demands to know what the Black Fairy told Gideon to make him think that killing Emma is the only way to become a hero. Gideon tells Rumple about what he went through only after Rumple unties him. Rumple makes him drink from a cup that’s laced with memory potion. Rumple believes he’s about to wipe out what the Black Fairy did to Gideon. But nope, it doesn’t work.

And now Gideon has the dagger and commands Rumple to help fulfill his so-called destiny of killing Emma. He makes Rumple tell him whose blood forged the sword — it’s the Blue Fairy’s. Rumple begs Gideon to consider his actions. If he goes down this dark path, he might not ever come back. To ensure that Rumple doesn’t do anything to stop him, Gideon commands him not to.


Regina comes across Robin in the woods after he stole her box of magic. She apologizes for trying to make him someone he’s not. He wants her to give him some space and she does. But he’s hiding his true intentions. He goes to see Zelena and reveals that he wants to leave Storybrooke. He’s tired of Regina trying to reform him into her Robin. He offers Zelena a chance to leave with him. Ugh.

Robin and Zelena are getting ready to get the heck out of Storybrooke (or at least try to) when Regina shows up. Robin doesn’t want to be weighed down by Regina’s expectations and that breaks her heart. “I can’t live up to the legacy of a man who died for you,” he admits. He’s not wrong.

Zelena’s magic potion doesn’t work. Regina’s protection spell is rock solid. However, if Robin really wants to leave, she’ll find a way to get him out. She wants him to find his happiness, whatever that may be.

Gideon goes after the Blue Fairy, but Rumples the one who takes her blood. He makes yet another sacrifice for his son. He’s darkened his soul once again so Gideon wouldn’t. Belle is taken aback by his sacrifice and knows now that there truly is hope for Gideon.

‘No Secrets’ — Yeah, Right

Zelena finds Regina in the crypt and apologizes for trying to help Robin escape. She’s also there to give back the Evil Queen. But she’s GONE! The Evil Queen has slithered her way to Robin and bites him, allowing her to go back to her human form. She quickly gets Robin wrapped around her finger, which can only mean terrible things are ahead.

Hook is still pounding down shots at Granny’s, trying to gather up the courage to tell Emma about David’s father. He heads to Emma’s when he’s ready, but things don’t exactly go as planned. Emma found the engagement ring! “My answer would be yes,” she tells him. She’s ready for him to propose. “It’s just you and me,” she says. “No walls. No secrets.” Hook can’t resist asking the woman he loves to marry him, so he gets down on one knee and proposes to her.

“Emma Swan, will you marry me?” he asks. She doesn’t hesistate to say yes. THERE’S A CAPTAIN SWAN WEDDING ON THE WAY!

But… Hook still hasn’t told Emma about David’s father. Even though this should be the happiest moment of his life, his guilt is beckoning from the shadows of his mind.

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