Louis Tomlinson: Fan From Airport Brawl Claims She Has A Concussion

It looks like the airport brawl drama is only getting started for Louis Tomlinson. Ana Becerra shockingly came forward on March 8, claiming she got a concussion, after the former One Direction singer allegedly punched her in the face.

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Louis Tomlinson, 25, fought off a photographer snapping photos of him and Eleanor Calder, 24, at the airport on March 5. Now, Ana Becerra is telling her side of the story regarding the brawl, claiming she became a victim after Louis decked her in the face. During Ana’s interview with TMZ, she discussed the alleged injuries she sustained. She said, “I went to the hospital. I got some scans. I got a concussion. I get really, really bad headaches. I couldn’t sleep for two days. First of all, because of the long airplane ride and then [because] of that.” WATCH THE VIDEO.

“We were waiting for our ride,” Becerra said. “I saw people taking pictures. I see them running. The girl [Eleanor] got all crazy. I grabbed my phone when she rushed and grabbed me. She was fighting for my phone. She said, ‘are you filming me b*tch?’ I saw the guy from One Direction just punch me in my face.” Becerra added, “He broke my glasses and I think that’s why all this part hurts.” She previously showed a cut on her eyelid, allegedly from the fight and says she’s planning to sue Tomlinson because men shouldn’t be allowed to hit women, under any circumstance.

Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder — PICS

The alleged victim revealed she’s already spoken to police and is still planning to press charges. “I don’t think it’s right for a guy to hit a woman at all. I never did anything to him.” She explained, “My wife never put hands, slapped, she never punched. She tried to separate us. She never physically threw punches and she’s a woman to a woman. So, why would a guy come up to me and punch me?” After the ordeal, Becerra said she was getting harassed by his fans via social media.

“I think someone, the first person found my Facebook put it up there,” Becerra shared, “after that 2,000 something messages [came] in.” Meanwhile, Tomlinson’s team released a statement, claiming it was entirely provoked by the paparazzi. The statement also confirmed that he was rushing to his girlfriend’s defense. His case is reportedly being handled by the L.A. City Attorney.

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