‘Shadowhunters’: Dominic Sherwood, Kat McNamara & More Make Up Their Own Hilarious Runes

Clary, Jace, and the rest of the Shadowhunters get their magical tattoos AKA runes from the 'Mortal Instruments' book series, but what if they were instead created by the actors that play them? Find out in this hilarious EXCLUSIVE video from HollywoodLife.com!

Runes have become a major centerpiece of Shadowhunters lately, from Clary learning that she has the power to create new runes to Alec and Izzy’s little brother Max getting his first one on Feb. 20. These mystical tattoos have the power to heal the Shadowhunters, to help them become invisible, and to fight off demons, but what kind of runes would Dominic Sherwood, Kat McNamara, Emeraude Toubia and the rest of the stars create? Watch the EXCLUSIVE video above to find out!

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Some of the cast was all about functionality. Dominic figured that since the Shadowhunters are half angel, they should have a rune that lets them grow wings! Kat believes that Clary could really use a way to go back in time, so she created an hourglass rune. However, some stars didn’t take it quite as seriously.

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Matt Daddario used his rune as a way to take a dig at his buddy Dom, saying “this is the plus happiness rune. You draw this on your negative friend, for example, Dom’s being negative. You draw this on him, and then he smiles.” Lol!

Emeraude just wants to make as many shoes appear as she wants, and Isaiah Mustafa came up with an ingenious rune for mundanes (AKA regular people) that forces other humans to take the blame for something. Too funny! HollywoodLifers, watch all of the stars create their own silly runes above, and don’t forget to let us know which ones you think are the best, or try to come up with your own!

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