‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Simon Finally Professes His Love To Clary & Alec’s Mom Visits

This is the moment we've been waiting for: Simon FINALLY told Clary how he feels about her on 'Shadowhunters,' and her reaction might surprise you! Plus, Max Lightwood's rune ceremony turns into a circus when everyone starts hallucinating! Find out why, right here.

Shadowhunters Clary Kisses Simon
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A lot of true feelings came out this week on Shadowhunters! Some were real, like Simon finally telling Clary he’s in love with her (!!!) and others weren’t so real, like Maryse Lightwood telling Jace she wishes she killed him as a child. Yikes!

So this whole wild episode started where the last left off: Isabelle is desperate for a fix since she ran out of Yin Fen. She’s shaking, sweaty, and a group of vampires are about to drain her. Luckily, Rafael decides to play the hero for once and saves her. She even talks him into giving her some venom. He helps, but he also pushes her to sweat it out and get past her addiction, even admitting that he once got addicted to human blood. By the end of the episode they’re holding hands and kissing, and we’re not mad about this surprising new ship at all!

Another ship we’re dying over? Clary and Simon! Yes, you read that right. Simon finally admitted that he’s in love with Clary, and she totally felt the same way! She immediately kissed him and said that it was “weird in the best possible way.” AWW. Jace didn’t look thrilled, but he did say that he was happy for her, so at least he’s trying!

Meanwhile, Clary and Jace reveal to Luke (and eventually everyone else), that they saw a vision of a demon that can destroy the soul sword. Magnus reveals that Clary probably has angel blood, which means that even though she let the angel go, Valentine must want to use her to activate the soul sword to kill every downworlder! At least now everyone is on the same page.

However, that happens after some more drama. Alec asked Magnus to host his little brother’s rune ceremony, and his mom Maryse isn’t thrilled. She’s giving Magnus a really hard time, even though he planned a great party. But at that party, the same warlock lady that Clary owes a favor to shows up and casts some weird spell that makes Clary see Simon kissing Maya, Jace think Maryse is trying to kill him, and Alec nearly commit suicide because Clary was blaming him for killing her mom. So intense!

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When all was said and done, Simon and Clary are happily in love, Jace and Maryse had finally made up and Alec and Magnus are happier than ever. However, Maryse does reveal that her husband Robert is cheating on her, which is why she’s been so angry. Hopefully this will only bring the family closer as they prepare to fight Valentine!

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