‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Clary Visits A Shady Warlock To Revive Her Mom

Damn it, Clary! The young Shadowhunter became obsessed with bringing her mom Jocelyn back to life in the Jan. 30 episode of the Freeform show, but her visit to a warlock took a VERY scary turn! We have the full recap, right here!

Shadowhunters Clary Tries Reviving Jocelyn
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Clary REALLY needs to start listening to people who know better! In the Jan. 30 episode of Shadowhunters, our main girl still can’t get over the fact that her mother was murdered by a demon that took over Alec’s body. Even though everyone from Jace to Izzy to Magnus warn her NOT to try to revive her mom, she goes ahead and seeks out a warlock willing to do “dark magic” anyway.

Alec is dealing with a lot of guilt for being responsible for Jocelyn’s death, so he agrees to join her. This lady Iris Rouse is shady AF. She tells Clary that she usually has a fee, but since she has no money she’ll revive her mom for a “favor.” Clary signs a blood oath, but panics during the seance and tells her to stop.

Unfortunately for Clary, it’s too late, she still owes Iris the favor — to get impregnated by a demon! Iris is worried that Valentine is depleting the warlock population, so she’s raising a bunch of babies and then wiping the mothers’ memories to grow a new hoard. And you would NOT believe how scary the demon trying to inseminate her is! Luckily, Clary discovers a new talent… envisioning runes that make her shoot sunlight out of her hand! Whoa.

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While all this is going on, Simon has been holed up at his mom’s house. His sister took his thermos of cow blood, and he’s starving and going crazy. When he gets super desperate, he just tells his mom the truth (that he’s a vampire,) and she totally freaks. She called a doctor for help, and walks in to find him sucking the blood out of a mouse — awkward!

Both Clary and Simon could have used some help from Luke during all of this drama, but he was nowhere to be found the whole time, including at Jocelyn’s funeral. Clary was totally breaking down in Jace’s arms while she watched her mom’s soul soar up into the sky. However, Luke did see her soul in the stars — while bleeding to death in the woods! We can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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