Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Pregnant? Why It Would Eat Lamar Alive

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson pregnancy rumors continue and one person isn’t happy about it! Lamar Odom, is hoping there’s no truth to the reports as he can’t imagine anyone being KK’s baby daddy but himself! HollywoodLife has the scoop.

There’s no doubting that 32-year-old Khloe Kardashian‘s fans would be overjoyed by the addition of another little Kardashian — Lamar Odom though? Not so much! In fact, according to a well-placed source, the former Laker would be “devastated and heartbroken” if his reality star ex was indeed expecting by boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

“Lamar would hope Khloe’s not pregnant,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He can’t see her having a child with anyone but him! He’d be devastated and heartbroken if Khloe had Tristan’s baby. That would eat him alive because he would realize that he truly fu**ed up and blew the chance of giving her the one thing she’s always wanted in life — a child.  As far as he’s concerned, she already has step-children who love and respect her.”

Oh boy, poor, poor thing! However, don’t despair just yet Lamar, there’s still some hope for you! As previously reported, Khloe isn’t actually pregnant, despite the numerous reports floating around. In fact, our source says the “hurtful rumors” couldn’t have come at a worse time for the youngest Kardashian sister — as Tristan, 25, has just become a new dad himself, to a bouncing baby boy with his ex, Jordan Craig, 25.

But, Khloe is getting ready for a new chapter in her life — her upcoming weight loss program Revenge Body, on E! And, in true Khloe style, she’s taking the pregnancy reports well and truly in her stride. “Khloe‘s not sitting around crying over this though, she’s focused on her new show,”‘s source explains. “[Revenge Body is] her baby right now, she has very high hopes for it.”

PICS: Lamar Odom’s Overdose Crisis

Meanwhile, Lamar continues with his recovery. Last month, he sat down for an emotional tell-all with Dr. Travis Stork, for TV show, The Doctors. During the heartfelt interview, the 37-year-old talked about his battle with addiction, his many many regrets in life, and confessed to nearly losing his life to a drug overdose four months ago. “I wasn’t in a good place mentally,” he admitted.

Lamar also had a message for Khloe, whom he vowed to reunite with now that he’s sober. Lamar apologized to his former wife, and the rest of her family, for “all that wasted time and all that wasted energy” before going on to state that he didn’t know who he was during the time he was in the throws of his addiction. As for Lamar’s biggest regret of all though? All the time he missed-out on with his kids, Destiny and Lamar Odom Jr.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Khloe and Lamar will ever get back together again, or has that ship sailed? Let us know what you think in the comments below!