‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Jace Finally Makes It To Alec, But Was He Too Late?

Oh my gosh, the suspense is killing us! And maybe killing Alec, too. Our fave brooding Shadowhunter was clinging desperately to life in episode 3 of 'Shadowhunters' season 2, and Jace FINALLY makes it to him to save his life... but it might have been too late. See the full recap, here!

Shadowhunters Jace Saves Alec

The race was on to save Alec’s life on the Jan. 16 Shadowhunters episode, Parabatai Lost. Throughout the episode, Alec is fighting to survive after trying too hard to find Jace with his mind. He keeps having flashbacks throughout his life with Jace: their first meeting, training to become parabatai, and even admitting to Izzy he was in love with him as a teenager. All of this stuff made us reallllly concerned that Alec might be taking his final bow!

Right at the beginning of the episode, Magnus is desperately trying to save Alec. He and Izzy are doing everything they can, but apparently part of his soul didn’t return after trying to connect with Jace. Luckily, Jace made it off Valentine’s ship alive, and so did Clary! The problem is that she made it back to the Institute, and he washed up next to Gretel, the silver wolf that Valentine murdered. Unfortunately there was a witness, and the wolf pack is out for blood… Jace’s blood.

Finally, the Shadowhunter meets Maya, who we’ve been waiting to see all season! At first she seems nice, but then she turns on Jace, helping the other wolves hunt him while he makes his way to help Alec.

While the wolves are holding up Jace, Magnus and Izzy are being foiled by Aldertree. He puts a guard at their door and refuses to let them go to Magnus’ apartment, where his magic will be stronger. Luckily, they outsmarted him and got Alec to Magnus’, but not for long. Aldertree made a deal with Izzy that if she turned Jace in, he would let her get him to Alec to save his life. What else could she do?!

Despite a confrontation with the wolves, Jace FINALLY makes it to Alec. We honestly thought we had lost him. There was a very long scene where Jace hugged his lifeless body and everyone else cried, then he finally sprang back to life! Thank freakin’ god! But unfortunately, Jace was immediately arrested and hauled away.

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So, what was Simon up to? His mom kept calling him, obviously worried sick that he’s been MIA. He went to her house and found it empty, with a bottle of vodka in her room. That’s when we find out she’s a recovering alcoholic! Luckily, Clary came to his aid and helped him find her. She was in a bar with Rafael, of course, who told her he was Simon’s band manager and that they had been on tour. Unfortunately, she invited Rafael into her home “anytime,” which Raf used to threaten her to Simon. Yikes! It turns out there’s a civil war brewing among the vamps, and Simon needs to find Camille asap to stop it. Good luck!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Jace will survive his trial with The Clave? Let us know!

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