Soulja Boy Reveals Rihanna Shocking Affair That Drove Chris Brown Crazy

As if the war between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy couldn’t get any crazier, now Rihanna’s involved! During a wild rant on Jan. 3, Soulja claimed he and RiRi hooked up behind Breezy’s back, before bragging that, along with Karrueche Tran, he had both of Chris’s 'b*tches.' Click to watch.

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Soulja Boy Rihanna Affair
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Out of all the things Soulja Boy, 26, said during his Jan. 3 Instagram Live rant, the part about him sleeping with Rihanna, 28, might be the most outrageous. “I was with Rihanna, me and her, in the hotel room,” Soulja said. “What happened? Me and Rihanna was in the hotel room, Chris [Brown] called my phone, asking if I was with Rihanna [and having sex.]”

No way! Soulja and RiRi, hooking up behind Chris’s back? Wow. On top of that, Soulja blamed Chris, 26, for exposing this affair. “Nobody would have known…if it wasn’t for you,” he said. “You’re and idiot. You exposed yourself. Now everybody knows I had both of your bitches.”

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Soulja said his fling with RiRi was about “four or five years ago…it was a long time ago.” He also said that the only reason no one ever found out was because he kept it a secret. “I don’t talk on my d*ck. ‘Oh, I f*cked her. I f*cked her.’ I kept it on the low, bro, for like six-seven years. Now, you just blew up her spot.” On top of having to deal with Karrueche Tran, 28, Soulja pointed out to Breezy that he now has to deal with a furious Rihanna. Uh-oh.

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Don’t forget about Kae. Karrueche certainly wasn’t happy with Chris – or Soulja Boy – kicking off 2017 with this epic beef. While Soulja was blasting Chris, she was tearing down this feud. “This drama…is so ridiculous, it makes no sense,” she said. “This isn’t cool or funny…it’s training. Not just for me, but for everyone.”

It’s pretty unbelievable that all this drama was caused by a single Instagram comment. After Soulja left a string of “heart eye” emojiis on one of Kae’s pictures, Chris completely lost it. Breezy allegedly challenged Soulja to a “fight,” and things quickly took a scary turn. Chris posted a (now deleted) video where his friends held up guns while allegedly threatening Soulja Boy! Wonder what Rihanna has to say about that, and her supposed love affair with SB being exposed to the world?

What do you think about SB claiming he and RiRi hooked up, HollywoodLifers? Do you believe it? Do you think Chris was an “idiot” for losing his cook over SB and Kae? Who do you think is going to win this feud?