Candace Cameron Shares Real Prom Pic With Scott Weinger — Yes, Steve & DJ Went Together

Brace yourself, Steve and DJ fans: the real-life actors actually went to prom together. Ahead of the season two premiere of 'Fuller House,' Candace Cameron Bure shared a throwback pic of her with Scott Weinger -- at her real senior prom!

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Raise your hand if you thought this was a shot from the Full House prom, then remembered that DJ wore that seriously amazing gold dress for that one, (and let’s be honest, Steve would have been in too much of a hurry to get to the buffet to take a photo)? Well nope, this is real.

“Yup, this really did happen,” Candace Cameron Bure, 40, wrote on Instagram on Dec. 1, with a photo of she and Scott Weinger from her senior prom. “Should DJ and Steve be together or is this ancient history? The drama continues on season 2 of Fuller House coming to Netflix December 9!”

Talk about good marketing. For those who remember, Steve returned on the series finale of Full House, on DJ’s prom night, but we never saw them go to the actual dance. Fast forward to now, DJ has three children and hasn’t decided if she actually wants to be with Steve — or her new love interest, Matt Harmon. However, this gives us a little hope there’s still something going on between DJ and Steve. I mean, they are DJ and Steve after all.

Fuller House Season 2: Photos

We recently chatted with Candace who confirmed that while the love story will continue, she will make a decision this season. “There’s still a lot of relationship issues with Steve and Matt, but she does choose someone this season,” she told us exclusively. “Half of the [fans] will be, I think it’s pretty split down the center as to who the fans like! They love both guys, but they’re different.”

So, will any other boyfriends be back?

“A lot of people ask about Viper and Nelson because it’s always about the boys,” Candace told Glamour magazine when asked who she was interested in bringing back. “Steve was my longest boyfriend, but Viper and Nelson were both boyfriends. I don’t know, Ricky the paper boy! [Tommy Page] actually wants to come back! You have no idea how many people have reached out to come back. There’s some other past guest stars that you may not remember that all want to be back on the show.”

Fuller House premieres on Netflix on December 9. HollywoodLifers, do you think DJ and Steve are endgame?

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