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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Scott & Lydia’s Search For Stiles Brings Up Painful Memories

Tue, November 29, 2016 10:17pm EDT by Avery Thompson 14 Comments

Scott, Lydia, and Malia refuse to give up their quest to find Stiles. On the Nov. 29 episode of ‘Teen Wolf,’ we learn more about the Stilinski family, Liam goes to dangerous lengths to save a friend, and Sheriff Stilinski has a heart-to-heart with Scott.

I know what one requirement Mrs. Martin has for new employees: You have to be hot. Mr. Douglas (a.k.a. the creepy hot science teacher) is that and more. There’s something off about him. During an experiment in front of the class, he starts having a coughing fit like he’s drowning. He begins to have flashbacks of when he was born (or is it reborn?). Yes, the creepy hot science teacher is the Nazi Werewolf that we’ve been warned about.

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Before he became the hot science teacher, he was a disgusting monster. He shed his gross skin and became Mr. Douglas. Liam, Hayden, and Mason watch Mr. Douglas with curious eyes as he tries to catch his breath. He runs into the closet and starts inhaling helium.

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News spreads around Beacon Hills High School about a lacrosse party, but Hayden’s got more important things on her hands. One of her teammates, Gwen, needs help finding her sister, Phoebe. All of Phoebe’s stuff is missing. Hayden picks up that Phoebe’s disappearance is due to the Ghost Riders. She tries to warn Gwen that she’s next on the Ghost Riders’ list, but Gwen doesn’t believe her.

What Is A Stiles?

Meanwhile, Lydia and Scott are hard at work researching what a “STILE” is. I literally can’t. Malia is flipping out during a makeup test. Without Stiles, she has no control. She shifts into a coyote right then and there. Scott and Lydia believe that Malia’s behavior is connected to this mysterious nickname.

Stilinski reveals that “Stiles” is a family nickname. His father used it, but he never did. Scott and Lydia tell Stilinski about their Stiles theory. Scott is certain Stiles was his best friend. He wants to talk to Stilinski’s dad to get some answers, but Stilinksi reveals. As Scott and Stilinski talk, Lydia sees an old woman walking through the living room. “The following stops have been cancelled,” the woman repeats. Lydia follows the woman down the hall and finds her staring at a wall.

Scott advises Liam and the gang to find a safe place for Gwen and keep her there. This haven has to be a place where supernaturals can’t get in. Mason knows the perfect place to relocate the lacrosse party — to Scott’s house! The party is going just fine until Gwen comes running down the stairs screaming she saw a Ghost Rider. He arrives and follows her down the stairs. Corey grabs him while he’s invisible, and now everyone can see one of the Ghost Riders. Before the Ghost Rider can take Gwen, Mason saves the day by lining the floor with mountain ash.

Liam and Corey attack the Ghost Rider, giving Mason and Gwen time to get away. The Ghost Rider must just be visible to the supernatural, because Mason still can’t see the guy. Gwen is about to fall into the Ghost Rider’s clutches when Parrish shows up and starts shooting. The Ghost Rider doesn’t even flinch. He just walks up to Parrish and disappears.

Lydia, Malia, Scott break into the nursing home to see Stilinski’s father. The thing is, Stilinski’s father isn’t lucid. He thinks its 1976. Stilinski eventually shows up and is furious with the kids. This scene gives some key backstory into the Stilinski father-son relationship. It’s strained, to say the least. Elias screams at Stilisnki to go crawl “back to your dead wife and your loser son.” Um, what?! Does he remember?! Unfortunately, this moment of lucidity is gone in an instant.

Daddy Issues

Argent rolls back into town looking for Mama McCall. He needs her help. He’s convinced the guy found dead in the school was bitten by a werewolf. After some investigating, victims with similar wounds all have their penial gland missing. The penial gland is known as the “third eye” in the brain, so will VALACK somehow get involved in all of this?

When Scott meets up with Liam later, Liam is pretty proud he saved Gwen. But Scott’s not happy about it. Now that Liam, Hayden, Corey, and everyone else has seen the Ghost Rider, they’re all going to be taken.

Sheriff Stilinski shows up to Scott’s house and helps Scott clean up. They have a revealing heart-to-heart. Stilinski admits why his relationship with his father is so intense. His father once pushed him through a glass table while trying to go after his mother. That’s not something you ever get over.

Stilinski also tells Scott about a dream he’s been having. The dream features Stilinski and Claudia talking about kids. “I tell her if we have a son, I want to name him after her father,” Stilinski says. He doesn’t mention the name, but now we know where Stiles’ first name comes from! Stilinski wishes he had a father like Claudia’s dad. In the dream, Claudia agrees on the name choice but says it won’t matter. “He’ll just be called Stiles anyway,” she told Stilinski in the dream. OMG!

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