Hunter Hayes: Fans Slam Country Singer After Off-Key National Anthem At World Series

Poor Hunter Hayes! The five time Grammy nominee was SO excited to sing the National Anthem before game six of the World Series, but his nerves showed a bit in his slightly shaky performance. Now fans are trashing him all over Twitter for his off-key mistakes, so keep reading for what they had to say!

Hunter Hays National Anthem
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This was one of the biggest performances of young Hunter Hayes‘ entire career, singing for millions of viewers before the Cubs vs. Indians critical game six Nov. 1. But unfortunately for the 25-year-old star, the fans at home didn’t think much of his country-infused rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. He sang the song a cappella, so his voice was the total showcase of the moment, and sadly for him his instrument fell flat a couple of times.

It really wasn’t that bad, we’re not talking Roseanne Barr level crazy antics or anything and he sang with so much heart. It was clear the “Wanted” singer was being earnest and trying to prove his musical chops, but it just didn’t translate well with such a beloved song. He spent the afternoon on Twitter, showing off pics and video from his sound checks and getting prepped before the big game. Hunter was even so honored he wrote, “Getting to sing the National Anthem at the  feels to me like I’d imagine a home run feels to someone who plays baseball! Stoked.” So here’s how it turned out:

Well bless his heart, because the performance wasn’t a home run with the folks on Twitter, who absolutely eviscerated it as if he’s botched the words or sang the song backwards! You’d think he did something stunningly bad by the internet backlash, because it was SO harsh!

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But Hunter did have some defenders on Twitter when the haterade became too much.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Hunter’s performance? Do you agree with the haters or think he did a nice job?

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