Cross-Genre Trio Celebrates Shania Twain With Medley Of Her Hits At CMT AOTY

So. Much. Slayage. Pop princess Meghan Trainor, R&B beauty Jill Scott and country rockstar Kelsea Ballerini took the stage in Nashville to pay tribute to the "Queen of Country" Shania Twain. You HAVE to see their star-studded performance of Shania's most popular jams!

Shania Twain Tribute Performance CMT Artist Of The Year
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Meghan Trainor, Jill Scott and Kelsea Ballerini have us feelin’ like women tonight after their performance at the CMT Artists Of The Year show on Oct. 19. The ladies, who come from different musical backgrounds, honored Canadian country sensation, Shania Twain, 51, who was awarded with the Artist Of A Lifetime honor.

Shania Twain — PICS!

The tribute began with Grammy-award winner Meghan serenading the crowd with “You’re Still The One” from Shania’s record-breaking 1997 album, Come On Over. After putting the crowd in a trance, CMT Breakout Artist of the Year, Kelsea showed off her country roots and strong vocals, singing Shania’s Grammy-nominated “Any Man Of Mine.” Jill took it home with everyone’s fave – “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”

OMG. The GIRL POWER! Plus, who doesn’t love a good Country Crossroads? Shania definitely loved the tribute, as she sang along with the ladies from her table and accepted the award through tears. “Wow! Kelsea, Jill, Meghan, holy … bleep it!” Shania exclaimed as she clutched her award on the Schermerhorn Symphony Center stage.

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Her signature, toothy smile gleamed as she spoke about her early years as a struggling artist, admitting she performed at strip clubs to make ends meet. That was, of course, before she became one of the most success full country artists of all-time and five-time Grammy award winner. She spoke of the struggles she endured throughout her career, but also about her love for music…and dogs. She has been a cross-genre influence since the mid-90s, and continues to inspire artists around the world with her twangy voice and empowering lyrics.

Kelsea, who took home Breakout Artist of the Year, told PEOPLE, “Shania just made music bigger,” specifically citing her best-selling album Come On Over, which still holds the top spot for most female records sold in any genre. Jill added, “When I saw Shania on the scene with her fantastic outfits and her amazing voice and those incredible lyrics, I was so into it. I’m still into it!”

So, for those who still scream and look for their girlfriends when they hear the Shania-signature…”duh duh duh duh duh duh… Let’s go girls…” or cry in the shower to “You’re Still The One,” take a moment and thank the Queen of Country for giving us the gift of her voice for the last 25 years.

Hollywoodlifers, what did you think of Meghan, Kelsea and Jill’s performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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