‘Scream Queens’ Recap: ‘Ivanka Trump’ & The Green Devil Take 2 More Victims

It was time to find the killer of Chad Radwell -- so what better way to do so but to have a lovely Halloween party to bring out the green devil once again? And yes, another one two bit the dust.

Scream Queens
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First things first: who gets Chad’s money? Well his whole family — yes, Chad Michael MurrayAlan ThickePatrick Schwarzenegger, etc. — all died in a plane crash on their way to try and stop the wedding to Chanel. So, all of his fortune went to Munsch. Yup, the day he died (two days before Halloween ironically), he actually called his lawyer and left his whole fortune to the old dean.

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Hester had an idea to try and catch the killer: throw a Halloween party at the hospital so the green devil would come out; she even told Denise Hempfield she’d tell her who the killer was if she’d let her out for one day only. Hemp agreed (for some reason), handed her a Jason costume, and said she’d be allowed to wander free on the property for 24 hours.

Naturally, she attacked Chanel first thing — not that Chanel knew it was her; she assumed to was number three (Abigail Breslin), since she was dressed as Ivanka Trump, no. 3’s costume. She was also distracted since her skin was now mysteriously blue thanks to Dr. Holt. When it came time for the actual party, the hospital was flooded with patients with a mysterious sickness. Chanel and Denise were too busy trying to contact Chad through a Ouija board — PS, they found out he was in Heaven and he loved Denise more, but not who the killer was.

It looks like now they can be reunited. Chanel no. 3 came face to face with (a masked) Hester, but right before she killed her, the green devil came up and did it instead. When Chanel no. 3 cried out for help, Denise ran into the hallway, only to get electrocuted by the green devil. It looks like Hester’s not going back in — since no one else knew she was out.

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