Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna: Family Hopes Baby Will Heal ‘All That Hurts’ Troubled Couple

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna have had -- and continue to have -- MORE than their fair share of issues! And while adding a baby into the mix may just aggravate things, Rob's fam seems to have a different take. has EXCLUSIVELY learned that the Kardashians are desperately hoping Rob's daughter mends their broken relationship. Talk about a tall order!

Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian Hopes Baby Will Help Relationship
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Can a baby truly solve all of Rob Kardashian, 29, and Blac Chyna‘s, 28, relationship problems? Well, it definitely seems like Rob’s family is counting on it! And while it’s no secret that the on-again-off-again pair have had major ups and downs, typically a baby only complicates matters! But regardless, apparently the Kardashian clan is totally counting on this baby to make ALL the difference — and not just for Rob and Blac as a pair but for Rob as an individual!

“Rob’s mom Kris [Jenner, 60], his sisters, and the rest of the family are hoping when Rob’s little girl arrives she will help heal him,” an insider revealed to EXCLUSIVELY. “They are all praying that the new baby will help change Rob into the wonderful father, son, brother, and husband he has the potential to be. The family is hoping Rob’s daughter can bring happiness into his life and help heal all that hurts him.”

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Wow, looks like a lot is riding on this little girl! After all, while Rob and Blac are currently still an item, they do have problems that need to be worked out, and their situation is anything but perfect! “Things are still very sensitive and delicate between Blac and Rob during the last days of her pregnancy,” our source dished. For example, “Rob chose to attend his recent baby shower alone and drove himself to the shower despite being invited on the party van with Blac, her mother and other friends.”

Even more troubling, Rob and Blac aren’t even staying under the same roof! “They are not living together full time and often, when Rob is with Blac, it is out of obligation for their reality show. They both love each other and are committed to working on being together but things are challenging.” Who knows, maybe a baby truly will bring them closer than ever. We can at least hope!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — do you think Rob and Blac’s baby daughter will help mend the couple’s relationship or will adding a child into the mix just complicate things?

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