Billy Bob Thornton & Christina Hendricks Have Wild Sex In’Bad Santa 2′ — Watch

This is so NOT the spirit of Christmas! The trailer from Billy Bob Thorton's upcoming holiday sequel 'Bad Santa 2' features an incredibly dirty sex scene between him and Christina Hendricks! See the very naughty video for yourself, right here.

We don’t think Santa will have to check his list twice to see if Billy Bob Thorton, 61, and Christina Hendricks, 41, are naughty or nice this year! The duo are starring in the new Bad Santa sequel this upcoming holiday season and we were totally shocked to see that they share a VERY DIRTY sex scene. And we mean that literally.

Christina Hendricks Looking Hot Hot Hot! — PICS

This time around, Billy Bob, AKA Willie, Thurman, and Marcus team up with his Mom to scam a charity. The head of this charity is the straight-laced Diane, played by Christina. Right from the start Billy is immediately blinded by Christina’s “gigantic t****s.” Real classy. She seems to hate him right away, but by the end of the trailer she’s handing him a key to her hotel room and saying “I’m a good girl, but sometimes I need to be bad.” That’s when things get CRAZY.

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The next thing we know, she’s bent over behind a building next to a dumpster saying “tell me how dirty this is.” EW! The scene leaves little to the imagination. Christina’s skirt is pulled up over her hips while Billy thrusts from behind. Yikes!

The shocking film is a follow up to the 2003 hit by the same name, where Billy Bob and Tony Cox play conmen that pose as Santa and an elf to rob department stores around the holidays. That’s when he befriends Thurman, a goofy redhead who makes everything go awry. The sequel will be out in Nov., so get ready!

HollywoodLifers, will you be heading to the theaters to see Bad Santa 2? Share your thoughts with us!

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