‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: A Shocking Vision Reveals Emma’s Tragic Future

It's a whole new world in 'Once Upon A Time' season 6! There's a huge new threat coming to Storybrooke, and the gang is going to have to fight harder than ever to defeat what's is coming. With the Evil Queen back, you know things are about to get crazy! Check out our live blog of the season 6 premiere!

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We’re a long way from Storybrooke when season 6 starts out. The episodes begins in Agrabah, with Jafar chasing a man on Aladdin’s red carpet. The man rushes into Aladdin’s secluded lair to beg for the savior’s help. Jafar walks in and mocks Aladdin. He calls him “pathetic.” Aladdin is a broken man. He tells Jafar that if he’s going to kill him, then he just needs to “get it over with.” But that’s not what Jafar wants. That would be too easy.

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Back in Storybrooke, Hook and Emma are making out hardcore on the couch. This is a dream come true for a Captain Swan shipper like myself. Unfortunately, they’re interrupted by the house shaking. Outside, there’s a huge pirate ship blimp looming overhead. WTF?!

Of course Hyde knows what’s up with the crazy blimp. Regina and Emma team up to try and take him down, but it doesn’t work. “There’s nothing more dangerous than an untold story and the people who don’t want them told,” Hyde warns. The blimp crashes, but there’s no one there when the gang investigates.

Emma starts to notice that her hand won’t stop shaking, but she doesn’t say anything to Hook or the others. Because she’s Emma and doesn’t want anyone’s help. Come on, girl!

A Shocking Revelation

Meanwhile, now that Rumple’s handed over Storybrooke to Hyde, he has so much time to figure out how to wake Belle. He goes to the Temple of Morpheus and brings Belle with him. Before he can walk in Belle’s dream and wake her, he’s interrupted by Morpheus himself!

Belle’s dream takes place at Rumple’s castle. Morpheus tells Rumple that he doesn’t have much time. If he doesn’t wake Belle within the hour, Belle will face a terrible fate. Rumple has to make her fall in love with him again. In the dream, Belle and Rumple dance to “Beauty & The Beast.” It’s magical. The yellow dress even makes an appearance. When they kiss, she realizes they’ve done this before. Morpheus shows up and reveals he can wake her up with true love’s kiss.

Belle is confused, but Morpheus clears things up. Morpheus is Rumple and Belle’s SON! This dream world isn’t just Belle’s, it’s Morpheus’ as well. He begs Belle to not let Rumple destroy their family. And then he wakes her up to prove that he’s her son.

Regina goes home and finds Zelena has moved all of her stuff in. In the midst of moving in, Zelena has misplaced a feather from Robin’s arrow that Regina got from Roland. This really gets under Regina’s skin. Snow knows something’s up when she meets up with Regina. Regina admits she’s upset, but reveals it’s more than that. She doesn’t have time to dwell on it, though. There’s evil to get rid of.

Regina uses Jekyll as bait to lure Hyde out. He’s willing to make a deal, but Regina doesn’t go for it. When it’s Emma turn to strike at Hyde, she hesitates because of her tremors. The gang gets Hyde, and he reveals he knows what’s wrong with Emma. Emma goes to Hyde to figure out what’s causing the tremors. She threatens to leave and not come back if he doesn’t tell her what he knows. According to Hyde, Emma must be willing to face her own story. He tells her to follow a red bird, and she will find out the answers she seeks.

Regina returns to her office for the first time since Robin died. Zelena wants to mourn Robin’s death with Regina, but Regina’s not having it. When Zelena asks why, Regina says, “Because I blame you.” They fight and it gets nasty.

A Deadly Vision

Emma spots the red bird and pisses off Hook in the process. Seriously, Emma. Why do you have to keep things from Hook? She follows the red bird and finds a girl. The girl reveals that these visions Emma keeps having tell a story — the story of her future. Emma’s fighting someone, and she gets STABBED. The girl says this vision is just a small piece of the end of Emma’s story. Emma can make changes in the now, but the destination will remain the same. Emma is going to DIE!

Emma goes back to Hyde and demands to know how to stop what’s coming. He reveals that she’s not the first savior. Every savior has a villain that has the ability to take them down. Now Emma has to question everything more than she already does. Every decision she makes could lead to that tragic fate.

Regina has a heart-to-heart with Snow about what’s next. She acknowledges that she’s a villain to some, while a hero to others. But she’s ready to start a new story, and she’s going to make sure she gets her happy ending. But there’s going to be one person who is going to try everything in her power to stop that from happening — the Evil Queen!

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