‘Rob & Chyna’ Recap: Blac Chyna Takes Rob Kardashian To DC To Meet Her Family

During an epic 4th of July weekend trip on the Sept. 25 episode of 'Rob & Chyna,' Rob met Blac's whole family in Washington DC and even paid a visit to the strip club where she used to work! And surprisingly enough, Rob ended up feeling more 'comfortable' out in public than he's felt in YEARS! Looks like he's definitely found where he belongs -- aw!

Blac Chyna, 28, and Rob Kardashian‘s, 29, relationship is only getting stronger and stronger, which was beyond obvious on the Sept. 25 episode of Rob & Chyna. While the two have spent the last few shows at each other’s throats, this latest episode was a breath of fresh air as the engaged couple got along surprisingly well — and even hit some major milestones!

For one, Blac and Rob’s sisters finally buried the hatchet when Blac got PERSONALLY invited to Khloe Kardashian‘s, 32, birthday party. And while Rob did not want to go, Blac pushed him and they ended up making an appearance together at the evening bash. “I want to help Rob,” Blac told the camera. “I want to show Rob that going to Khloe’s birthday party is a good, healthy thing.”

And as it turns out, it was! Rob only felt comfortable staying for an hour, but hey, at least he went! And best of all, Blac was greeted by each of his sisters with big hugs — SO sweet! But Rob’s self-esteem and health took an even more positive turn after he — reluctantly — agreed to go to Washington DC with Blac over the 4th of July weekend to visit her family.

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Not only did Rob have a good time meeting her mom, dad, siblings, and best friends for the first time, but he said that he felt the more comfortable out in public than he’s felt in years! “This DC trip means so much to me,” Blac said. “I can’t wait to show Rob where I’m from and where I grew up.” And while Rob admitted that he’d be out of his “comfort zone,” he decided to go through with the trip for the sake of Chyna because their relationship means “everything” to him.

Blac got to show her fiance where she went to high school, the old house she grew up in, and even the strip club where she started her career, Sensationals. “She owns her past,” Rob told producers. “I feel comfortable out in public here, it’s the first time in a while.” We just love that Rob felt super comfortable in Blac’s old stomping grounds — even the strip club where she used to work!

“I definitely felt comfortable last night,” Rob said of the evening when he met Chyna’s mom, dad, and three of her half-siblings. “Not everyone is judging me. I think I’m just too hard on myself.” There’s no question Blac has helped Rob make major progress! “I’m excited that Rob is out and about,” Chyna commented. “I hope we can keep this up.” We hope so too!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — are you glad Rob finally met Blac’s family? Do you think he fits in well with them?

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