‘The Case Of JonBenet Ramsey’: Investigators Believe They’ve ‘Solved’ Crime

Oh my goodness! 20 years after the shocking murder of JonBenet Ramsey, a team of experts says they've solved the case who killed the child beauty queen. But will the sicko who took her life ever be brought to justice? Keep reading to see if there will be an arrest in the case that shocked the world.

As the CBS documentary The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey comes to a close Sept. 19, a team of top-notch investigators will reveal who they believed murdered the six-year-old beauty queen on Christmas night 1996. “In the last 15 minutes of our special, 100 percent absolutely the viewers will know who this team of experts suspects as having killed JonBenét, no questions about it, ” retired FBI special agent and forensic linguistic profiler James R. Fitzgerald tells E! News. He worked on the case when it first broke and revisited it alongside top forensic scientists, investigators and even the former lead investigator for the DA’s office in Boulder, CO.

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“I think we solved it, and we all figuratively shook each other’s hand and said we accomplished something here,” he added. So who could it be? Her late mother Patsy? Her dad John? What about her now 29-year-old brother Burke? Or was it someone else altogether? JonBenet’s murder has been one of the great unsolved mysteries of the last two decades, so we can’t wait to see who this team of forensic superstars believe killed the little girl.

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So even though the team will use all of their amazing investigative and scientific knowledge to determine who killed JonBenet, will the culprit ever see justice? “I’m a linguist and words mean things, so it’s how we define solve,” he said. “It’s going to be up to a prosecutor’s office and maybe a police department to actually put handcuffs on someone. Whether that happens, working as private citizens now, we can only go so far, James revealed. Be sure to tune in at 9pm EST on CBS to find out who they believe is behind JonBenet’s murder!

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