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‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 11 officially has a winner! After countless incredible auditions and emotional eliminations, we finally found out who won perhaps the best season in ‘AGT’ history. Check out our full recap and see who won right here! But beware — SPOILERS ahead!

After a recap of what happened last night (making us even MORE eager to find out who won), Sal Valentinetti once again kicked off the night with a toe-tappin’ performance. But since the votes were already all in, he got to have a little more fun than he usually does and performed The Four Seasons’ “December, 1963” with the cast of the Broadway musical Jersey Boys! How appropriate for him to sing the lyrics “Oh what a night” on a night he could be $1 million richer!

Now we have a performance from Tape Face, featuring Jon Dorenbos, Brian Justin Crum, Viktor Kee, and one member of Linkin Bridge. The act is to the song “Lean On Me,” and he made all of them lie on each other after sitting on folding stools. Eventually Tape Face made a human table out of his fellow contestants and even took a selfie with them! You really never know what to expect from this guy…which means we may very well see him win tonight!

Although Brian Justin Crum had just been on stage with Tape Face, he came back out to do what he does best: Sing his heart out. But he didn’t just bless us with his incredible voice once more, he performed perhaps his most memorable song of the season, Radiohead‘s “Creep” — and yep, his power notes were still on-point!

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Here’s another mind-blowing collaboration: Laura Bretan joins Italian pop trio Il Volo for an incredible vocal performance that featured Sofie Dossi and Viktor Kee and gave us CHILLS. Couldn’t really imagine what would happen if America could still vote while this was all happening!

Grace VanderWaal brought us back to her first audition with her original song “I Don’t Know My Name,” singing it with even more poise and power than she brought the first time we met her. What a full circle moment to hear it again on the finale!

There have really been some epic collabs of past and present contestants in the finale! As Linkin Bridge sang Lukas Graham‘s “7 Years,” AGT legends The Silhouettes brought us all the way back to Season 6 with their amazing talent. Love it!

The Clairvoyants brought Paula Abdul out for their act tonight, asking her to write down a series of numbers decided by different questions they asked to the judges. They had a box with a lottery ticket inside, and guess what? The Clairvoyants got them ALL right! How did they do that? We’ll forever be asking whether they win or not…

And going along with the theme “how did they do that?,” here comes Jon Dorenbos! The Clairvoyants gave Paula an envelope at the beginning of his routine, then asked her to rip it up. In his classic magical way, he made three of the pieces disappear, and suddenly they were in the envelope Paula had in her hand — but they were back together, and the piece Jon was holding fit perfectly. Seriously, how has he been able to blow our minds all season?!

All right, HERE WE GO. It’s time to find out who the five top acts of Season 11 are. The first two up are Tape Face and Sal Valentinetti, and the act through to the Top 5 is…Sal Valentinetti! Now it’s between Linkin Bridge and Jon Dorenbos (our hearts is breaking with these two up against each other). And America wants to see…Jon Dorenbos! Can’t say we’re surprised, but it’s still tough to see amazing voices like Linkin Bridge go!

Speaking of amazing voices, we now find out the fate of Grace VanderWaal. She’s up against Sofie Dossi, and ultimately Grace came out on top! Viktor Kee and The Clairvoyants are next. America’s vote goes to…The Clairvoyants! Finally we’ve come down to the last spot, and it’s either Laura Bretan or Brian Justin Crum. Looks like we have two male singers in the finals of the finals, because it’s Brian going through to the Top 5!

After all of the hullabaloo earlier, we’re in business mode now — we find out who’s in our Top 3. In 5th place, we have Sal Valentinetti. Upon his exit, Sal said, “This is not the end for me, this is the first day of the rest of me life.” Okay, he’s seriously going to go far after that!

The act in 4th place and now leaving the competition is…Brian Justin Crum. He stayed super positive after his elimination, agreeing with Sal that this is just the beginning. “I can’t wait to spend more time with you America, and the world!” Aww, we’ll miss BJC!

Nick Cannon just announced that this is the closest the vote has ever been for the Top 3, with less than 1 percent of the vote separating ALL of them. With that crazy stat said, the act taking 3rd place is Jon Dorenbos. As if our hearts weren’t breaking enough to see him not make it to the very end, he acknowledged the hardworking people behind the scenes of AGT. Could he make us miss him anymore?!

So it has come down to The Clairvoyants and Grace VanderWaal. Here. We. Go! America, you have voted, and the winner of America’s Got Talent Season 11 is…GRACE VANDERWAAL! Congrats, Grace, you’re literally on your way to being bigger than Taylor Swift!

HollywoodLifers, did you want Grace to win? Which acts do you hope end up with their own show after AGT? Tell us below!

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