‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Nick Finds A Way To Put His Junkie Skills To Use — Watch

Well, this is interesting! In a new clip from 'Fear The Walking Dead,' Nick tries to help out his new friends by expanding their drug inventory in a way only a true junkie would know how. Click inside to watch!

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Leave it to Nick (Frank Dillane) to find a way to use drugs as a tool in the apocalypse. In the upcoming episode of Fear The Walking Dead, it looks like the former junkie is trying to put his addict skills to use to help his new community out with the gang they have been giving medicine to.

In this 2-minute episode preview, Nick tells Alejandro (the pharmacist he’s befriended in the Mexican community that took him in) about his junkie past. He shares that he once had a friend who was resourceful when it came to handling drugs, and the pharmacist immediately knows what he means — that he wants to cut up their supply and try to expand it. Alejandro (Paul Calderon) is hesitant at first but finally caves, letting Nick work his magic on their pill supply.

Like a mad scientist, Nick gets straight to work on crushing and splitting the pills. It’s an intense scene that shows us how important these skills once were to Nick, and he seems excited to have something to bring to the table aside from covering himself in walker blood to survive. Alejandro even seems impressed by Nick’s work, though the preview makes it unclear whether or not it will work the next time they have to hand off a supply in trade of water or food.

By the looks of the full episode preview, Nick is going to learn a little bit more about how Alejandro survived being bit by a walker. It’s one of the most bizarre things to happen in the Walking Dead world so far, especially since he didn’t have to cut off any limbs Hershel-style in order to live. I don’t know about you guys, but I sure can’t wait to find out if there’s an immunity to the virus — and who else has it!

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