‘RHONJ’: Joe Giudice Threatens To Smash Teresa’s Head Against The Wall In Terrifying Fight

'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' got really scary, as Joe Giudice finally broke under the pressure of his looming jail sentence. During a heated argument with his wife, Teresa Giudice, he threatened to ‘smack’ her around! Click to watch.

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Joe Giudice Threatens Teresa
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Teresa, 41, admitted that her husband was “unraveling,” in the Sept. 5 episode of RHONJ. Joe, 44, was preparing to start his nearly 4-year prison sentence by drinking heavily. “Listen, you gotta learn how to start f***ing doing it so stop bothering me?” Joe said during an argument over bills.

“Why don’t you pay it again like you normally do?” he asked. “That’s why you’ll never survive without me.” Teresa shot back and said she survived well enough before he came along, and that Joe’s aggressive behavior was reminding her of his dad. Uh-oh. That was when things got intense.

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“Don’t bring my f***ing dad up or I’ll smack your head against the wall,” he said. “Shut the f*** up. Stop talking – you and your stupid mother.” When Teresa, not wanting to deal with Joe’s drama, told him to leave the kitchen, he did. On his way out, he shouted that he “can’t wait to leave” and that the only thing he’ll miss while in jail were his kids!”

Wow. This was a completely different scene than the tearful good-bye party that Joe, Teresa and the rest of their family through before Joe began his 41-month prison sentence for bankruptcy, mail and wire and bank fraud. On his last night of freedom, Joe had a family reunion at Blue Alehouse. Along with his wife and kids, Joe’s aunts, uncles and friends came to throw him one last major bash before he began his time behind bars.

Though Joe threatened to beat up Teresa during that RHONJ episode, the only “smacking” that happened before he entered jail was between their lips. As Teresa escorted her hubby off to prison at the Federal Correctional Institution at Fort Dix, she gave him one last kiss good-bye. It seems that their terrifying fight had been completely forgiven.

What do you think about Joe threatening to ‘smack’ Teresa’s head into the wall, HollywoodLifers? Could you forgive him after saying that or would it be over for you?

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