‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Travis Watches In Horror As Chris Kills An Innocent Man

The struggle to survive intensifies as we catch up with Chris and Travis in the latest episode of 'Fear The Walking Dead.' As Travis finally sees who his son really is, Alicia desperately tries to find her mom, Madison, before it's too late.

A flashback opens this episode, though the scene is a familiar one: the wedding that was abruptly abandoned inside the resort that Madison (Kim Dickens), Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), and Victor (Colman Domingo) have sought refuge in. We get to see the bride and groom’s first dance, a scene that quickly shows us how in love the newlyweds were when everything came to a screeching halt. It’s the father of the bride that falls first, likely of a heart attack, and when the bride is helping do CPR on her fallen father he bites her. It’s a horrific scene to watch, but what’s worse is that the woman overseeing the wedding for the hotel immediately exits the room and locks the door behind her — leaving them trapped inside.

The next thing we see is our first real glimpse of Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Chris (Lorenzo Henrie) since they ventured off on their own in the first half of the season. Travis doesn’t seem to be doing well as he’s limping, which seems to have Chris seriously concerned. They come across an abandoned car and Travis wants to try jumping it so that they have a ride, but Chris is more interested about raiding the small store nearby for supplies. Travis wants Chris to learn how to jump the car which would be a pretty valuable lesson considering the world has ended, but the teen is determined to find them some water instead. He reminds his dad that he can take care of himself, so Travis finally caves and lets him go under one condition: if he sees anything, he must return immediately. Unfortunately we the viewers seem to know Chris better than Travis these days, which means he’s unlikely to listen to his father’s instructions.

Inside the small store, which looks like an abandoned diner, Chris finds a few bottles of water and a can of food. While packing up he also discovers the owners, their bodies hidden behind the counter. He hears voices in another room and tries to move quickly, but a small group of walkers comes in and screws up his plan. As he’s taking one walker out a young guy comes out of nowhere and looks confused until he’s attacked by another walker. For some reason Chris grabs the walker and kills it, saving the guy, which makes enough noise for his two friends to also appear out of nowhere. Chris grabs the supplies and quickly bolts, running back to the car and telling Travis to go — but not telling him about the living people he just encountered.

They drive for quite some time and we catch up with them when it’s dark, and it’s obvious that Travis’ foot is still bothering him. He eventually pulls over and lets Chris take over driving, teaching him how for the very first time and even making a joke that it was a “good time to learn” because there was “no traffic.” Very clever, Travis. Chris slowly but surely gets the hang of it and they continue down the road for a while, and Travis tells Chris that he doesn’t believe this is really “the end.” He tells his son that he shouldn’t believe it either, and that there has to be someone somewhere working on making things better. Boy, is he in for a rude awakening.

Chris & Travis Make New Friends

Eventually their car runs out of gas and they are forced to pull over and make camp for the night. They find a nice secluded spot and build a small fire as they eat their canned food and try to stay warm. They talk about how their life was before, how they used to go camping when Chris was a kid, and then they wonder if the mountains would be safer than the desert. Chris asks what their plan is, and Travis tells him he hopes that they can find somewhere safe, maybe even a house with a well somewhere. Unfortunately the plan pretty much ends there, as they are interrupted when Chris notices a truck coming down the road and pulling over next to their abandoned station wagon. He runs over and stomps out their fire, then hides in the bushes with Travis while the three guys from the diner earlier that day walk towards them. Chris is forced to tell Travis how he stole their supplies earlier, and when the guys ask them to come out and introduce themselves it is Travis who reveals their hiding spot.

These guys immediately seem like no good. The one that Chris saved appears to be the leader and he’s snarky, cocky even as he talks to Travis. The leader introduces himself as Brandon, then introduces the others as Derek and Baby James.

Back at the resort, Alicia is trapped inside the only safe hotel room she could find as walkers roam the hallway. It seems she’s keeping count of how many she sees so she knows what she’s up against as she plans to make a great escape to go find Ofelia. When she finally sneaks out into the hallway it’s night time, with the only real light coming from her flashlight and the flashing emergency lights in the hallway. Alicia hears a banging noise coming from down the hallway and calls out for Ofelia, but instead she runs right into a large group of walkers. With nowhere left to go Alicia reveals she has some sort of superhuman strength and pulls open the elevator doors, then jumps and grabs onto the wires controlling the machines. The elevator is one floor beneath her on the ground so she’s not dangling over an empty space, but it’s still a pretty large drop as demonstrated by the walkers who fall right into the open space.

Alicia starts to slowly pull herself up the wires in hopes of getting to the next floor when out of nowhere a woman with a flashlight appears in the open doors above her. It’s the same woman who locked the wedding party inside, but now she’s trying to help Alicia by reaching out her hand and pulling her to safety on the next floor. As soon as Alicia is safely on the ground the woman slams her against the wall with an ax and demands, “Where is he?” Um, I think she’s got the wrong person!

Once things calm down Alicia realizes that this woman is the one who labeled the hotel doors by whether or not there were dead inside. The woman shares that she moved the dead down to the first floor to “contain” Alicia, and then demands to know where “they” are hiding and where they are keeping “Hector.” Alicia tells her she has no idea what she’s talking about or who Hector even is, then tells the woman that she came with her mom and two friends and doesn’t know anything else. The woman tells Alicia that Hector is her nephew and that “the others” took him to draw her out because she has the keys and knows how to run the hotel. Interestingly enough, she leaves out the part about locking an entire group of people in a room with a walker.

Alicia tries to convince the woman to work with her, saying that if they team up and find her family that they can work to save Hector, too.

Whatever Alicia told the woman, whose name we find out is Elena, works. They devise a plan to trap the walkers in a room using Alicia as a distraction, which helps clear out the stairway so that they can move between floors. Once they make it downstairs they find themselves in the wedding party room, which brings Elena to confessing what she did to them. She tells Alicia about the bride’s father and how it started, and although she seems to feel like she did the right thing it’s clear that she has remorse. Alicia tells Elena that she has seen worse, then promises not to let anyone hurt her. Is she talking about Jack and his boat, or the compound she just left behind? Hmm.

Back at the camp where Travis and Chris are, their three new friends show them how to make an “early warning” system — which is stringing up empty cans around their perimeter. Brandon reveals that they are from San Diego, which leads Travis to tell them that they saw Los Angeles and San Diego burning on their way down to Mexico. He tells them about the military bombing the cities to contain the sickness, which clearly upsets their new friends. They seem impressed by Chris, and he seems to like that. Travis tries to keep a wedge between them so they don’t get too attached, but when the guys offer to give them a ride to the next town Chris tries to convince his dad to tag along. Travis thinks the guys are dangerous, and Chris thinks that he’s just hanging around in hopes of returning to Madison.

Everything Changes On The Farm

They eventually decide to take the ride, and Travis is somehow stuck in the back of the pick up truck with Brandon. Travis seems pretty unhappy about traveling with the guys, which Brandon picks up quickly. He tells Travis that he should be having more fun because the “end times” made them “gods.” Oh yeah, this guy is definitely not good news.

Chris tells Baby James to pull over the truck when he spots a farm, to which the guys are pretty stoked about. The house is empty, as are the trailers and the backyard. There’s no food or supplies to be had, but there’s a barn to check out. As the guys go to check out the barn Travis pulls Chris aside and tells him that they should stay there, make that their home, but Chris isn’t even remotely interested. He wants to stay with the group, tells Travis they need people, and his father reminds him that they had that once. Chris says almost exactly what I said earlier, that these guys “look” at him different — which has clearly given him an apocalyptic ego. He runs off with the guys to check out the barn, leaving a very uncomfortable Travis behind. I know it will never happen, but if Travis were smart he would just let his son go and never look back.

Inside the barn Chris and the guys find live chickens, which is the most exciting thing they’ve seen in a while. They run around trying to catch them so they can eat them, while Travis discovers three graves on the property. It appears to be a family… two kids and a woman, likely their mother. Travis notices that there is no grave for the father, and when he realizes that means there is probably a man on the property he tries to get the guys to leave the barn before they run into trouble. Unfortunately he’s too late, as the farm owner comes running in with a shotgun yelling in Spanish for them to leave. Travis tries to convince the guys that they need to go and respect this man’s wishes and home, but of course they are not having it — including Chris.

Brandon tells the farm owner to drop his gun and things escalate quickly, with Baby James taunting the farm owner by cracking one of the neck of the chicken he’s holding. (AWFUL.) The farm owner shoots him, and just when it looks like Brandon is going to shoot him in retaliation you can see Chris take Baby James’ gun and fire a shot. Travis watches in horror as the farm owner slowly dies from the gunshot to his chest, then turns to look at his son in disbelief. Chris reaches his hand out to help Travis up but the man just stares at his son before turning away from him. Chris looks devastated, and you can almost feel something deep changing between them forever. Will Travis finally let Chris go now that he knows who he really is?

Alicia Desperately Searches For Madison

Things at the resort also take a turn for the worse when Alicia and Elena discover the bar where Madison and Victor were has been overrun by walkers. Alicia tries to go inside despite the doors being blocked off, and that’s when a group of people — including the groom from the wedding and the bride’s mother — appear with weapons and Hector as their hostage. They demand the keys from Elena but Alicia begs them to tell her if they’ve seen anyone else, which they haven’t. Elena finally tosses over the keys and gets Hector back, but instead of leaving the hotel like the wedding guests demanded Alicia lets the walkers out of the bar. The wedding guests are forced to run as Alicia, Elena, and Hector hide behind one of the doors they just opened.

Once the coast is clear Alicia and Elena continue looking for Madison, but all they keep finding are walkers. Elena takes Alicia and Hector into the kitchen where there is an opening in the floor to the basement, and they made a run for it down the hall to a door that Elena says shouldn’t be locked but is. Hector tries to bust open the door but fails, leaving Alicia no choice but to bang on the door and beg whoever is inside to let her in. When the door opens it’s Madison on the other side, and she immediately reaches out and grabs her daughter to pull her inside. Elena and Hector follow behind and then quickly shut the door before any walkers come in, and Victor helps them block it with a large chest. Phew.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think that Travis should let Chris go on his own? Should Alicia and Madison stay in the resort or leave as soon as the coast is clear? Comment below!

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