Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid: How He Proved To Her Cheating ‘Texts’ Were Fake

Phew! Zayn Malik has finally convinced Gigi Hadid that those cheating texts, which were revealed online on Aug. 28, are completely fake, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. To find out how Zayn managed to do this, keep reading!

Zayn Malik Proves Cheating Texts Fake
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“The leaked alleged direct messages between Zayn [Malik] and someone online who he supposedly cheated with are fake,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He never sent those messages and he’s furious that someone would do something like that, but he’s not entirely surprised. Zayn knows that obsessed fans can take their adulation too far, and that’s an example of one of those times.

So basically, Zayn’s suggesting the direct messages are completely fake and were created by an obsessed fan to make him look bad.

Gigi [Hadid] has accepted that they’re fake too, and is pretty sure that Zayn didn’t cheat on her. It doesn’t make it any easier, but she realizes she has to have a thick skin when it comes to dating Zayn because these kind of malicious rumors will always surface,” our source adds.

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As we previously told you, a Twitter account posted an unseen picture of Zayn online during the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 28. In the photo, he’s seen shirtless and playing a guitar. Then, the account uploaded a series of direct messages, which this person claimed were sent between her and Zayn.

Zayn’s alleged texts to this person said, “Your gorgeous. Kinda can’t stop thinking about you,” and “Your beautiful. And I’m sorry if I offended you in any way. I’d really like to see you again.”

Thankfully, they don’t seem to be real and Zayn has convinced Gigi they’re fake. Let’s hope he’s telling her the truth.

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