‘You’re The Worst’: Chris Geere Teases Season 3 Twist & What’s Next For Gretchen & Jimmy

'You're The Worst' is back on Aug. 31 for season 3, and it's going to be show's craziest season yet. HollywoodLife.com talked EXCLUSIVELY to Chris Geere about what's coming up for Jimmy and Gretchen, including a moment that changes 'everything!'

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*What can you say about the upcoming season?

The whole season really has a family theme. At the end of season 2 when Jimmy and Gretchen proclaim their love for each other, that’s a verbal contract that both of them have now entered into. And with that, there comes a whole lot more responsibility. They have to be there for each other, whereas before they could have easily not been. The first episode is a bit of a discovery episode. He learns a couple of things about Gretchen that he didn’t know before, and a couple of them are quite disgusting. But he’s already said that he loves her, so he’s kind of stuck, which is very funny. The underlying theme is family and responsibility now that being in a committed relationship brings.

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*Last season, one of things that Jimmy found out about Gretchen is that she’s clinically depressed, so how will they be handling that this season?

It was beautifully handled by all the writers and one of the biggest celebrations we had on set recently was, despite quite a lot of nominations for Critics’ Choice and things like that which are all so wonderful, we actually won the Best Depiction of Clinical Depression by the American Health Association. That was such a cool thing to win. So this season, I think it would be obtuse of us to ignore it all like it never happened, but you also don’t want to take that kind of tone into the third season because then it becomes about that. This is real life. It does continue but what Stephen [Falk] and all the other writers have done is continue it. There’s certain nods to it, Gretchen does go to a therapist, played by Samira Wiley, and that’s hilarious. Jimmy goes along for support, but then turns it into issues he has about himself.

*Will Gretchen and Jimmy be facing any other challenges this season?

Yes, there will be constant challenges. There are four very separate storylines which are all very hilarious in their own right but also putting them in a position where they are compromise something about themselves individually in order to progress. Yeah, something happens to Jimmy early in the season that changes everything for him and the roles in their [Jimmy and Gretchen] relationship becomes very different.

Are there any shenanigans that Jimmy will be getting into this season that still proves he’s kind of the worst?

[Laughs] Yes. There’s a wonderful sequence to get out in the world and experience things he’s never experienced before. There’s a wonderful montage footage of him interacting with people that he would usually hate and participating in activities that he hates but attempting to enjoy them in order to broaden his mind. They’re still the nasty, effed people they’ve always been. There’s an element of progression. I think they realize they have to progress individually for anything else to work.

*You said this season is going to be more about family, will we be seeing more of Jimmy’s family?

In a way. You hear stuff from them. There’s no revisiting thus far. This season is very good about not redoing old episodes. We’re continually moving on. There are some amazing guests this year. Gretchen gets a new client who is actually one of my heroes from when I was younger.

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