‘Single By 30’: Harry Shum Jr. Teases How Long It Will Take Peter To Get With Joanna

OMG Harry Shum Jr.'s new show 'Single by 30' is making our hearts melt! If you've already seen the first episode of WongFu's new romantic comedy series, we know you're thinking 'when will Peter and Joanna fall in love?!' Well Harry gave HollywoodLife.com the EXCLUSIVE answer!

Single by 30 might just be our new fave show. It’s sweet, it’s so funny, it’s totally relatable for millennials trying to date, and best of all the first episode is FREE on YouTube Red! Basically, Harry Shum. Jr and Kina Grannis play two high school BFFs who plan to get married if they’re alone by 30. Then they lose touch, and when they reconnect 12 years later they decide to go through with it! But only if they can’t find someone else. However, we promise by the end of the first episode you won’t want them to. So will they end up together?

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“They have this foundation of being best friends in high school, but I think a lot can happen when you don’t see someone for 12 years,” The Shadowhunters star told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “You think you know someone but there is that gap that makes you question, did this person change? There’s some shake ups, there’s a lot to find out about each other that you can’t find out over a couple conversations or a couple dates.”

In the trailer for the season, it looks like Joanna’s feelings for Peter grows as he falls for someone else. “As for the past I think feelings that maybe were there on one side weren’t revealed to the other side, so I think that will take some time to come out,” Harry explained. “And of course they need to date some other people to realize the person they loved might be right in front of them.” YES PLEASE LET IT BE IN FRONT OF THEM!

The whole thing started when Peter was too scared to ask someone to homecoming. So Harry told us how that went down for him in real life. “I was not a smooth operator at all when I was in high school,’ he hilariously revealed. “It took a lot of courage and a lot of back and fourth and asking through the grapevine as far as making sure I wouldn’t get rejected, and I couldn’t even do it in person I had to make a phone call and on the third time of hanging up and calling I finally got the guts to ask. Luckily it did work out, I didn’t get rejected.” So cute! It’s hard to imagine him being anything but a totally smooth dreamboat!

One last thing: Harry revealed that there may be a nod to his Glee and Step Up days in the new show. When we asked if he would be singing or dancing he said “Maybe, Wong Fu – the directors – might have thrown something in there or Peter might have a little bit of a dance background.” Woo! Go watch the amazing new show, right now!

HollywoodLifers, will you be tuning in to Single by 30? Share your thoughts with us!

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