Joey Bosa: 5 Things To Know About NFL Rookie In A Contract Dispute With The Chargers

When the San Diego Chargers drafted defensive end Joey Bosa in the 2016 NFL draft, it seemed his football future was bright. But Joey and the team have yet to come to a contract agreement, and now there's more drama than potential for the rookie. Find out more about Joey right here!

Who Is Joey Bosa
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1. He was drafted third overall.

Despite their issues with Joey Bosa now, it seems the San Diego Chargers were eager to get the 21-year-old on their team. The team had the third pick spot in the 2016 NFL Draft and were quick to pick Joey. He was the first defensive end to be selected, as the two picks before him were both quarterbacks, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz.

2. He’s the only remaining rookie without a contract.

The contractual issues aren’t a recent development for Joey, as he has been fighting the team practically since he was drafted. As one of the highest draft picks of his class, Joey feels he deserves more money than the team is offering. Hey, when you’re picked third overall out of hundreds of guys, it’s hard to blame Joey!

3. He apparently received a pretty high offer from the Chargers.

On Aug. 24, the team issued a statement breaking down what they offered Joey in their contract. Although they didn’t mention a specific amount of money, the Chargers’ statement said Joey was offered a signing bonus payment that’s larger than any NFL player has received in the last two drafts. He still wasn’t happy with it and rejected the offer the night before the team announced the update.

4. He’s following in his dad’s footsteps (well, except for the whole contract issue thing).

Joey’s dad John Bosa was also a defensive end in the NFL, playing for the Miami Dolphins from 1987 to 1989. John apparently engrained football in his boys from the start, because Joey’s brother Nick is currently playing DE for Ohio State University — where Joey also went to school and played football. Wonder how his dad is feeling about the situation Joey’s in!

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5. He’s putting his rookie season in jeopardy. 

If Joey can’t come to an agreement with the team soon, he may not be able to play at all in the 2016-2017 season because of the time he’s missed in training camp. Which is unfortunate, because the most recent contract the Chargers put on the table said that he would’ve had playing time in all 16 games this season and beyond. Now they’ll have to restructure their offer and Joey won’t get as much playing time if he finally accepts it. Hopefully they can reach an agreement soon!

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