‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Izzy Tells Vinny She ‘100 Percent’ Regrets Breaking Up With Him — Watch

Could there be a Vinny and Izzy reunion? What's it like watching Izzy with Brett? Vinny and Izzy came face-to-face for the first time since their 'Bachelor in Paradise' split on 'After Paradise,' and all questions were answered. Warning: it got pretty intense. Watch it here!

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This week’s break up between Izzy and Vinny absolutely shocked and broke everyone’s hearts — mainly, Vinny’s. But now Izzy is definitely looking back with regret. “I want to apologize immensely from the bottom of my heart,” she told him on After Paradise on Aug. 22. “I never meant to hurt you. You’re an amazing man.” As for why she did it, she revealed that she’s “run from great things” in the past, and that’s what she did this time. “I let an amazing man go,” she said, adding she “100 percent” regrets it.

Of course, Izzy ended things with Vinny after being really attracted to Brett — yes, she ended based on only looks, which was something Vinny had a really hard time with since he thought they had such a good connection. And while Izzy regretted the way it ended, Vinny said he had no regrets, because he followed his heart. However, he’s not up for another try at the relationship.

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“Izzy’s a good person and we got along great,” he admitted before saying that what wasn’t great was “the way that she handled that situation.” He also couldn’t be convinced that if they did get back together, who’s to say she wouldn’t get interested in another hot guy in the future, and just walk away again.

Overall, it seems like they both found closure, but it definitely wasn’t easy — and Izzy admitted she had a lot of “doubt and insecurity” with both herself, and her relationship. Maybe that’s why Vinny said he feels like he used Brett’s good looks as a “scapegoat” just to get out of the relationship. I guess we’ll never know!

HollywoodLifers, do you think they could ever get back together? Let us know!

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