‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Jade & Tanner Return As Steady Couples Fall Apart

Everyone needs to see a success couple every now and then to pick you up! That's what Tuesday night's 'Bachelor in Paradise' had: the return of Jade and Tanner Tolbert, the couple who got engaged on the show, and married shortly after!

That’s right: Jade and Tanner arrived when the island needed them: Izzy absolutely crushed Vinny, by telling him that she was more into Brett, and he decided to leave. So, seeing the first and strongest couple crumble, everyone needed some inspiration. So, #Janner decided to sit with each couple and decide which pair they thought deserved and/or needed a date card.

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 3

All the couples were affected by Jade and Tanner’s talks — Lace and Grant were on completely different pages, Josh and Amanda were literally obsessed with each other; Nick and Jen were still very into each other but he had a huge wall up after getting dumped twice on TV.

It was Jared and Caila who got the date card, much to Ashley’s dismay — it probably didn’t help that Jade was one of her best friend. Their date was basically making out and talk about Ashley coming in between them. That theme continued through the episode; Ashley told Jared Caila was a “robot” and he needed to be careful.

Naturally, Jared ran and told Caila (*eye roll*) so the girls had an awkward beach conversation that included Ashley just being honest and it what seemed like Caila being a little condescending.

In my opinion, she’s not feelin’ him as much as he is, and she’s using the Ashley awkwardness as an easy way out. Anyways, another big date this week went to Carly and Evan and it included some sort of meditation, hot rocks, and romance, which was exactly what they needed. And she was actually really surprised how much she liked him. Aww!

Alright, are you Team Caila or Team Ashley?

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