Simone Biles: Olympic Champion Will Be The Richest Gymnast In History — Expert Speaks

Simone Biles won the gold at Rio 2016 and now, she’s about to make a lot of green. With endorsement deals, speaking engagements and more, an expert EXCLUSIVELY tells that the gymnastics superstar is about to land herself a massive payday!

Simone Biles is about to get paid! The 19-year-old athlete left Rio with four gold medals around her neck, taking the top prizes in vault, floor, and both individual and team all-around. She better make some room for some more bling because she’s poised to break another record.

“She will be the richest Olympic gymnast in the history of the sport,” Eric Schiffer, a brand expert, EXCLUSIVELY tells “She is one of the hottest stories in sports today…I think [she] has an unbelievable future. She will be doing speaking engagements, and endorsements — in the millions — until she is in her rocking chair.”

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That’s a lot of time, especially since Simone is too young to legally drink in the U.S., so she’ll be wealthy for plenty of years to come. “The money she is going to make in her circle will be huge,” Eric tells “I would say tens of millions of dollars. She has everything going for her. She will be the lead brand rep for major firms in the lifestyle world. This would include clothing, cosmetics, nutrition, cereal such as Wheaties, soft drinks, sportswear, you name it.”

The amount of money Simone will likely make is “massive,” according to Eric, who thinks Simone’s wide appeal to young women across the world will help her “be a phenomenal success in the advertising world.”

Well, she’s already proved she pretty looks good on the cover of a magazine, as she posed alongside with fellow gold-medalists Michael Phelps, 31, and Katie Ledecky, 19, for Sports Illustrated. This golden trio was dubbed “The Greatests” and “great” will also be the amount of money she makes when she takes starts her career outside of the gymnasium.

What do you think about Simone possibly becoming the “richest” gymnast in history, HollywoodLifers?

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