‘UnREAL’ Scoop: Josh Kelly Reveals Jeremy Goes ‘Too Far’ In Finale

The 'UnREAL' finale airs tonight, Aug. 8, and drama is about to go down. Jeremy's back and HollywoodLife.com spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Josh Kelly about what we should expect to see in the finale. Jeremy tries to 'prove himself' worthy and he ends up going way 'too far.'

What can you tease about Jeremy in the finale?
He’s going to try and win over the approval of everyone. He’s going to be trying too hard to get accepted and to prove himself to Quinn, Chet, Rachel. And in doing so, I think he’s going to go too far.

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How involved is Jeremy in Yael’s master plan?
He’s not involved. It was not his plan.

Jeremy & Yael had a romantic history — was there ever anything real between them?
He was just trying to make Rachel jealous so he was acting like a little kid. She was dating someone — actually, a bunch of people — and like flaunting it, so he wanted to make her jealous. He didn’t know he was getting used by Yael. He didn’t even know that she was a reporter.

Is Jeremy really in love with Rachel?
For sure. He’s in love with her. There’s a lot of backstory that hasn’t really been seen with Jeremya nd Rachel. They fell in love before the show started, before UnREAL started.

Will we get any of this background in the finale?
No. But you will see how much he cares about her.

Jeremy underwent quite the transformation this season. Last season, he was very clean-cut, perfect employee, and this year he’s gotten scruffy and he’s just sort of…
Fat. You can say it…

Was that a choice?
That was a character choice. I’ve always really been interested when actors do physicality changes and I wanted him, because they told me he was depressed and drinking a lot, I wanted him to look like someone who was unhappy. So I gained 40-something pounds and grew a beard.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think Jeremy’s going to do in the finale? Let us know!

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