‘Girl Meets World’: Shawn Hunter’s Bride Teases ‘Fun’ Wedding, Their Future & More

Shawn Hunter is getting hitched on 'Girl Meets World!' HollywoodLife.com talked EXCLUSIVELY with Cheryl Texiera, who plays his bride-to-be Katy (a.k.a. Maya's mom), about the romantic episode. She spills on what's next for them, the possibility of a baby and more!

What was your reaction to finding out that your character was going to get engaged to such an iconic BMW character? 
Oh, I thought it was so cool. I had no idea it would happen so soon – and when I heard it was being written in the script, I was thrilled. My brother actually gave me some perspective on it. Since we grew up watching Boy Meets World, when he found out Shawn and Katy were getting engaged he freaked out and said, “Cheryl, imagine if someone came into the living room when you were 10 watching BMW and said ‘You’re going to marry him in a spin-off of this series… in 20 years.'” I mean it’s crazy when you think about it like that.

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Did you love Shawn and Angela together?
Who didn’t love Shawn and Angela together!? They were a great couple.

What can you say about the wedding?
Not much. But it’s a lot of fun. You’ll definitely want to see how everything goes down.

Why do you think Katy is the right girl for Shawn?
Firstly, I think she’s just a really good person. All quirks and missteps aside, Katy has always done her best – or what she thought would be the best – for every situation. I think her and Shawn have both kind of been lost souls for the past few years who found each other and connected. It’s a wonderful thing when that happens – especially when you don’t think it’s going to and then someone takes you by surprise.

After the wedding, what’s next for Katy and Shawn? What are your hopes for them?
As for what’s next, only the writers can tell. But what I hope is that they build a family. I think that would be really fun to see. Shawn as a dad to a brand new baby, can you imagine!? And Katy pregnant! I mean, come on.

The episode “Girl Meets I Do” premieres on the Disney Channel on Friday, Aug. 12, and on SVOD on Friday, Aug. 5. Oh, and Mr. Feeny will be officiating!

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