Tyga Deadbeat Dad To Tiger — Abandons ‘Pet’ At Non-Profit Rescue Center

Tyga is apparently a terrible pet owner! After being caught for illegally owning a tiger named Maverick, the poor tiger is now at an animal rescue shelter -- but needs a lot of care because he was neglected by Tyga. Get the details right here!

Tyga Pet Tiger
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It may have seemed cool to Tyga, 26, to own a tiger (especially since his name resembles the wild cat), but he didn’t realize how much attention and care a large animal like that needs. Tyga’s former pet, Maverick, is now safe and sound at the Lions, Tigers & Bears non-profit animal rescue in California, and the tiger seemingly out of sight and out of mind to his former owner.

The staff at the animal rescue shelter said that the rapper has never even bothered to help with the care of Maverick since the animal was taken from him, according to TMZ, making it that much worse that he illegally owned the big cat in the first place. Tyga’s totally abandoned his old pet!

According to the shelter’s founder and director Bobbi Brink, just feeding tigers of Maverick’s size costs more than $10,000 a year, and that doesn’t even include the costs of vet trips, flea control, and overall maintenance of a 500lb animal. Considering Tyga has reportedly had several problems with money in the last year or two, there’s no way Tyga would have been able to keep up with bills like that!

Even though Tyga couldn’t financially support Maverick, it’s sad that he doesn’t even act like he cares about the animal’s well being. And frankly, the rescue operates on public donations, so the least Tyga could do is send a little bit of money to help with caring for Maverick — instead of buying diamond rings and Ferraris for Kylie Jenner, perhaps?

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When Tyga was initially caught for owning an exotic pet in 2014, he faced criminal charges before surrendering Maverick to animal control (who then transferred the tiger to LT&B). At the time, we’re sure Tyga was bummed to lose his pet, but now it seems he could care less. The rapper supposedly hasn’t even said thank you to Lions, Tigers, & Bears for giving Maverick the kind of care he needs!

Fortunately for Maverick, having a deadbeat dad in the past hasn’t caused him too much trauma thanks to the awesome people at LT&B. Tyga managed to escape the charges because authorities couldn’t track him down — but the next time Tyga wants a pet, we’re thinking he’ll have to do some major convincing that he’s not a terrible animal owner!

HollywoodLifers, should Tyga get in trouble for abandoning Maverick? Tell us below!

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