Mila Kunis Fears For Her Daughter: I Don’t Want Wyatt To Be An ‘A–hole’

Being the kid of a celebrity power couple definitely has its perks! But while Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher can in fact give their daughter, Wyatt, 'everything,' Mila is determined to keep her baby girl's feet on the ground. The star even revealed that she doesn't want Wyatt to be a spoiled 'a--hole!'

Mila Kunis Fears For Daughter
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Already a dotting mother to Wyatt Kutcher, 1, and expecting another bundle of joy by the end of the year, Mila Kunis, 32, recently dished about motherhood in an interview with OK! magazine, revealing that one of her greatest fears is raising spoiled brats!

“My kids will have everything,” Mila told the publication. “And my biggest concern when I had Wyatt was not to have an a–hole for a kid.” Pretty admirable, right? We love that Mila is so set on raising her kids to be respectful and grateful. But just how exactly does she plan on doing that? “I want to teach my kids a good work ethic, to earn things,” the Bad Moms actress continued. “But it’s hard when you live the way we live.”

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And we totally get it, if you have the means, it’s hard NOT to shower your kids with whatever they want! But we love that Mila and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, 38, are trying to be different. But parenting is no easy job — especially when practically your every move is judged by the public.

“My daughter is only 22 months old, so I don’t really feel pressure yet to be perfect as a mother,” Mila said. “But…there are crazy expectations out there. As a parent today you need to be flawless — at least, that’s how it feels.”

Mila even admitted that as a parent she’s judged — along with countless other celebrities — on the regular! “It’s a daily occurrence,” the actress revealed. “It’s easy to judge today — people do it online. For some reason they feel better when they can make others feel less. I don’t get it.”

And we don’t get it either, Mila, but you keep doing you! Clearly the beauty is a dedicated mom who loves her daughter, and we are so excited for her and Ashton to welcome their newest addition later this year!

Do you admire Mila and Ashton’s parenting aspirations, HollywoodLifers?

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