‘Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates’: Inside The Stunning Resort Where Zac Efron Stayed

Zac Efron's latest comedy may be about getting stuck with raunchy wedding dates, but wait until you see the totally gorgeous and classy locations where 'Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates' was filmed! Want to see where Zac Efron, 28, rested his pretty little head in-between filming make out scenes with Anna Kendrick, 30? Just wait until you see inside the stunning Turtle Bay Resort where Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates was filmed in Oahu, Hawaii.

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates might be one of this generation’s raunchiest comedies, but it’s set on one of the most beautiful, serene Hawaiian resorts ever seen. Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hawaii not only acted as the background for the film’s scenes in Hawaii, but it also served as the cast and crew’s home during filming. How cool is it to think that Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, and Adam DeVine just strolling around a vacation resort in-between takes?

“The actors were extremely hospitable and polite and some even took photos with staff,” a representative for the resort shared with HollywoodLife.com. All of the actors stayed at the resort in regular rooms or condos, and they also worked out at the resort’s Nalu Kinetic Spa’s Fitness Center. Zac even took private outdoor TRX lessons!

As for what they did in their downtime, the cast liked to walk the gorgeous beach, hang out at Surfer the Bar, and take in the sights of Oahu just like any tourist staying at Turtle Bay. But, they were also there to work!

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Many scenes were filmed at different locations throughout the resort, including multiple pools, the lobby, and the beach. There are plenty of stunning pics of the filming locations in the gallery, as well as the different spots where cast and crew hung out when they weren’t working. We even included some shots from the trailer so that you can see the resort in action!

Oh, and a little fun fact about Turtle Bay? Mike & Dave is not the first production to sail through their gorgeous resort. Movies and television shows like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lost, Blue Crush, the original Hawaii Five-0,and Magnum P.I. have all been hosted by the resort. So cool!

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates hits theaters on July 8, so stay tuned to HollywoodLife.com for our upcoming review!

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