Kylie Jenner Confessed Her Sexual Secrets To Tyga — Did She Sleep With PND?

Now that Kylie and Tyga are reportedly back together they are attempting to mend their broken relationship by telling each other everything -- even about their sexual history during their split! And Kylie's confession may shock you. Get the EXCLUSIVE here! Kylie Jenner, 18, and Tyga, 26, are determined to make things work this time around. And the first stage of getting back together includes talking about everything that happened during their split. And by everything, that means even about whether they had sex with other people! But did Kylie reveal she's had sex with PARTYNEXTDOOR, 23? has the EXCLUSIVE deets!

Did Kylie Jenner PND Have Sex
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Drum roll please… “They both confided in one another about their sexual doings when they were broken up,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY, “and neither of them had sex!” So there you have it! Both Kylie and Tyga held out just for each other. That’s SO sweet!

“Kylie told Tyga the closest and most intimate she got with PND was in his video,” the insider added. “She told Tyga the whole time she was with [PND] she wanted to make him jealous and angry but that she never did anything sexual with PND.”

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And man, was Tyga happy to hear that! “Tyga was relieved to hear that he’s still Kylie’s one and only and told her that he too hadn’t had sex with anyone,” our source continued. Seeing how Tyga had been spotted with Taz Angel, Demi Rose, 23, and other social media models, it must be super shocking that he didn’t take those relationships to the next level. “That made Kylie really happy and she literally jumped in his arms when he said that. She’d thought Tyga was out there, doing the bunny hop with model after model and being promiscuous. These two really can’t quit one another and the honeymoon stage is in full effect with them,” our source continued.

Speaking of honeymoon stage, Tyga and Kylizzle have agreed to start on a clean slate. And now that they have talked through their rebounds, they are ready to officially put the past behind them, and focus on each other! They’re not talking about any past sh** that broke them up or apologizing for anything,” another source told EXCLUSIVELY. “There’s no energy on negativity. They’re moving forward and having fun and taking things one day at a time.”

This sounds like a pretty good plan to us. Hopefully their little talk along with their new approach to dating will help them rebuild an even stronger relationship! HollywoodLifers, do YOU think Kylie and Tyga will last this time?

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