Anton Yelchin Dead: First Photos Released Of Where He Tragically Died

The first photos of the driveway where Anton Yelchin was killed by his own car have been revealed. In the disturbing photos, you can see that a significant amount of force caused Anton's sudden death. Anton Yelchin, 27, was tragically killed in a bizarre accident that left him pinned between his own car and a brick wall. The first photos from the scene of the accident, which was the driveway of his own home, reveal how this tragedy occurred.

Anton Yelchin Accident
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Image Credit: Courtesy of TMZ

This is so upsetting. Photos from outside of Anton’s home show the driveway where he died on Sunday morning, June 19, in Los Angeles, California. The freak accident that caused Anton’s death also left a nasty dent in his security gate, which shows how quickly his Jeep must have been going to cause so much damage, reveals TMZ.

PICS: See Anton’s Life In Photos

In the pictures, you can see that Anton’s driveway was built on a steep incline. There is a large metal security gate not far from his garage, and according to the report Anton had “cleared” the gate with his Jeep before the accident took place. For some reason, Anton reportedly got out of his Jeep and left the massive SUV in neutral, which is how it was able to roll backwards and pin him against his gate. It’s unclear why Anton got out of the car or why he didn’t put the Jeep in park.

More disturbing photos reveal that the gate is now heavily damaged, with a giant dent near the brick column where Anton was allegedly pinned to death. You can clearly see in the photos that part of the gate even started to rip out of the brick column, which reveals that the Jeep must have hit it with a very strong force. Sadly, this is how Anton was killed.

Our thoughts remain with Anton’s family, friends, and fans during this difficult time.

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