Jack Black Dead? Fans Freak Out After Tenacious D Tweets Sad News

Oh no! The internet completely freaked out on June 5, when a tweet was posted that claimed Jack Black had passed away. Did one of America’s favorite comedians really die? Jack Black fans everywhere began to panic on June 5, when news broke that the 46-year-old mysteriously died. So shocking! Could he really be gone for good?

Jack Black Dead
Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock/Courtesy of Twitter

Fear not, HollywoodLifers. Jack Black is alive and well! The beloved comedian and movie star was just the victim of a new celebrity death hoax.

A tweet that said, “I’m sad to officially annouce the death of Jack Black at the age of 46, rest in peace brother.” took over the internet on June 5. And unsurprisingly, fans on Twitter started freaking out, worrying that the star really died.

To make matters worse, the official Twitter account for Jack Black’s band Tenacious D tweeted two more messages which read, “” and “It is with a heavy heart I am to announce that Jack Black passed away last night at 3:37am. The cause of death is yet unknown.”

And after letting fans panic for an hour and 20 minutes, Tenacious D finally revealed it was just a prank. “Calm down guys! It’s just a prank bro, look there’s the camera… The Legend is still alive, it is ok guys :)”

In fact, the band’s Twitter account was actually hacked. The account later tweeted, “I’m going to assume that Jack is asleep right now, so when he wakes up, email the email that was linked to this Twitter for his account back.”

What a cruel joke! We’re just happy Jack Black’s not really dead.

HollywoodLifers, what do YOU think about the Jack Black death hoax? Did you freak out upon seeing the tweets? Let us know!

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