PrankVsPrank Split: Jesse Caught Flirting With Stylist Before Breakup — See Messages

Uh oh! Jesse Wellens sent some flirty comments to a girl on Instagram just days before his shocking split from 'PrankvsPrank' girlfriend Jeana Smith. That, plus some sketchy Snapchat action, has fans up in arms thinking he may have cheated. See the messages, here. We were totally heartbroken when PrankvsPrank couple Jesse Wellens, 33, and Jeana Smith, 33, announced they were taking a break from both daily vlogging on their BFvsGF channel and their relationship. But now rumors are swirling that it was actually another woman that came between them. See Jesse's flirty comments to Kristina Askerova right here!

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PrankvsPrank Jesse Cheated
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Okay, we hate this. Days before Jeana and Jesse even announced they were taking a break, fans on were worried about Jesse’s blossoming flirtationship with gorgeous stylist Kristina. He commented on a couple of her sexiest photos with “zamm girl” and “oh killem,” clearly showing her he thinks she’s hot. The worst part is that one of her photos was captioned “you better call Becky with the good hair,” which we all know alludes to “the other woman.” Yikes!

Unfortunately, the sketchiness doesn’t stop there. Jesse was also seen on Kristina’s Snapchat on May 17 (meaning they were TOGETHER IN-PERSON), the day before his public split video went live. He was using the dog filter, and asked Kristina if she wants to “make puppies” with him, according to fan accounts. Ew!

To make matters worse, Jesse announced in the A New Chapter video with Jeana that he was moving to New York City while Jeana was staying in their longtime home in Philadelphia. Guess where Kristina lives? That’s right, New York City. Of course, none of this adds up to cheating necessarily. They could just be friends and he and Jeana’s breakup really could be due to the stress of daily vlogging, but that’s not stopping fans from freaking out about it. We really hope it isn’t the case!

HollywoodLifers – does this smell fishy to you? Share your thoughts with us!

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