‘Scandal’: Bellamy Young Teases Explosive Finale — It ‘Changes Everything’

The season 5 finale of 'Scandal' is upon us, Gladiators. Bellamy Young teases in a new interview that the May 12 finale is going to be straight up insane and nothing will ever be the same. Spoilers ahead! Every Scandal finale has been absolutely wild. From Jerry's death to Olivia choosing Fitz, Scandal doesn't hold back. Bellamy Young revealed major scoop about the Scandal season 5 finale, including how Mellie and Olivia's relationship is just a "ticking time bomb."

Mellie is the newest Republican candidate, and now she’s going head-to-head with Francisco Vargas. Mellie knows that Olivia is one of the keys to her success, but the Andrew bombshell may ruin their newfound friendship forever.

“I think the knowledge of what happened with Andrew is just a ticking time bomb, and it’s safe to say that it’s just waiting to explode between them,” Bellamy told our sister site TVLine.

It’s all about winning the presidency for Mellie, but the last election didn’t end so well for Mellie (or Fitz). Fitz got reelected, but it cost Fitz and Mellie their son. Get ready for another game-changing finale and election, Scandal fans.

“Right now, Mellie believes the greatest cannon in her arsenal is Liv,” Bellamy continued. “I think she feels like, with Liv by her side, they’re like Wonder Woman’s gold cuffs. There’s nothing they can’t deflect, and there’s no strategy they can’t employ. But what happens on Thursday night … just changes everything.”

But what about Mellie and Marcus? There was a moment in last week’s episode that showed these two are on the verge of possibly being more than just friends. “He sees her and gets her and he’s really good for her,” Bellamy said. “She trusts him, and she’s started to lean on him for advice and council in a way she hasn’t done with anyone else… except Liv.”

HollywoodLifers, what do you think will happen on the Scandal finale? Let us know!

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